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Gremlins and Storms - Stories

Post-Session: 20

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 20.

Story - My Dreams Seem Like Laundry

Game Date: 6/15/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William was contemplating his visions again. He wryly noted how they seemed like laundry with the sheer amount of tedium of sorting the sheer amount of them. He then noted with a chuckle that he didn't really have that much laundry. The realization that he had more dreams to sort than laundry to sort brought him back down. Well, even here I am blessed, he thought. I have Bridie to help with the temporal stuff, and Mother and Eleanor to help sort the visionary stuff. He set about sorting these new visions.

The man who grabbed Lazarus was troubling. He was a paranormal named, Displacer. He worked for the highest bidder, a mercenary. Why did he grab Lazarus and crush him so? Was someone after Lazarus? If so, who? More troubling was trying to get anything useful out of Prime. William sadly realized the for all his education, Prime didn't know any more about dimensional gates than William did. That situation would have to be remedied and soon. William resolved to get a better grip on the one thing he had, the black suited man. Could he be allied with the black monkeys? Was he a black monkey? William resolved to find out. Mother and Eleanor stayed silent. They were so unlike most other women in that they could communicate so much with silence. Very well, thought William. When I know more, you shall know more.

Then William turned to the vision that made the taste in his mouth bitter. A Welsh witch had reached out to him. She said she had done so because his help was needed against "the Dissenter." Here was yet another puzzle to solve. William strayed from his focus to consider that today's children had it all over his children during his time as a child. Today's children had infinitely more practice at puzzles. William went back to the subject at hand. This would be difficult to resolve as his vitriolic feeling against all things Welsh had not dimmed much during his time here. William didn't know how to feel about the appeal for help. It was satisfying to be begged for help. It was suspicious that an enemy would do such a thing, with all the possibilities for a trap looming. But if the appeal was genuine, this Dissenter would have to be identified and sized up. But this particular situation had so many pitfalls. Our Lady of the Victories must be consulted here. Mother and Eleanor had their own opinion of the situation, and it wasn't very Christian. William was slightly shocked at what his female family suggested. They warned him against the wiles of evil women.

Finally, there was the matter of his sword. William had not thought about the incident in Prime's quarters with the amulets when it happened. But his dreams had revealed a... a... a.... what was it? Modern people would call it a ray. William decided he was more comfortable with holy light. Holy it must have been, as it reached out to defeat and contain an evil. Did the evil prompt it to appear? Or was it his own desperation? Could one be considered desperate if one reacted on instinct, as William had? Only two things had remained clear: that the holy light had come from William's sword, and that it had responded to an evil.

Could it work again in the practice chamber? William would have to find out.

Mother and Eleanor didn't know what to do about the sword, either. Swords cut. They didn't emit rays. Very well, maybe they might be conduits for holy light. They departed his mind reminding him that swords were an affair of men.

William thought about going to Bridie's but turned his steps toward Notre Dame des Victoires instead. He stopped for a moment? Did he feel Father relenting? William went onward.

Record Last Changed Date: 12/26/2007

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