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Post-Session: 20

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 20.

Story - The Knight of Saint Michael and the Greatest American Hero

Game Date: 6/18/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William was alone in the practice room of Alcatraz. He'd thought about bringing Lady Amethyst or Lazarus or Delta-Vee with him, but his natural inclination prevailed. We're here, chimed his brothers. If it works, I want to borrow it, said Jeffrey. I want my own, said John. You're contained in my heart and mind, said William. You can't have swords quite like this. But we want one, they chimed. Quiet, commanded William. I need to think. I'll think up a French army for you to slaughter later. William then thought it was just as well he was alone. No need to take chances that anybody else could hear.

Jeffrey then pointed out that William was the only one who could hear as they were contained in William's heart and mind. John stuck out his tongue and farted. So very typical, thought William, and went to work.

William had the computer give him some targets. William visualized them as Grand Imperial agents. He moved as only a murderous Norman knight could, charging, shoulder checking, shield bashing, slashing, and stabbing. He went on at this pace for about fifteen minutes, with the predictable results. The dummies and computer generated opponents took a Norman style beating, with no holy light to be found.

Then William got a surprise. It was Father that spoke. You'll never get the holy light if you fight the same old way. Besides, it came forth for Evil. Grand Imperials seem to be misguided, not evil. You need to think of something that is Evil. William wondered what in God Name was going on for the very slightest moment, then set about following Father's advice.

The dummies and computer generated images became the Evil bio-ceramic constructs. Once again, William gave himself over to his training. Once again, the targets got the very best of Norman style martial brutality, getting shield bashed, shoulder checked, stabbed, and slashed. Sir Robert shouted encouragement. That's it, boy! That's the spirit! Onward for God! Onward for St. Michael! Onward for King William! Onward for Normandy! Onward for England! Onward for Crossing March! Onward for Greatoak!

Slash, slash, slash, shift, bash. The part of William not consumed by the Norman avenger was confused. Father had never done this before, had he? Then he perceived the slightest notion that Jeffrey and John were whispering to Father. Bash, slash, stab.

Quite right, sons! Quite right! shouted Sir Robert. Shift your style, William! The Holy Light covers a distance! You're too close!

William attacked two Constructs, then shifted to point his sword at a more distant third. He focuses his mind, wishing to reach righteousness toward the more distant Evil bio-ceramic construct. A light shot forth a struck the target.

The room went silent. But William could hear frantic cries of "God and St. Michael!"

Record Last Changed Date: 12/26/2007

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