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Post-Session: 21

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 21.

Story - Reconciliation... Maybe?

Game Date: 7/6/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

Guillaume was alone in Notre Dame des Victoires. It had a few worshipers in it when he arrived, but he had prayed rosaries until they had all left. He needed to be alone for this, as he had been alone back at Greatoak Manor in Crossing March. He was trying to talk to his father, Sir Robert. This might be a turning point in his life, if he could keep it a talk and prevent it from becoming a confrontation. So many other times it was a one-sided confrontation. But William was determined that things would be different this time.

He felt the presence of Father. Father had brought all the anger, mistrust, and disregard with him. You do well to be here, said Sir Robert. Your soul could use what God has to offer.

If you’d been paying attention, Father, thought William, you’d know that I’ve been following His dictates.

Sir Robert made no reply. This was a huge point between Sir Robert and Sir Guillaume. Normally, Sir Robert would have launched into him with a vitriol laden diatribe. Maybe the silence meant that Sir Robert did notice how he had been living his life. Guillaume took a chance.

So, he thought. You have noticed that I’ve been following His dictates.

Yes, replied Sir Robert. You have. I have been waiting for you to deviate, to fall. Yet you have not. Sir Robert seemed to be reluctant about saying it, but he said it.

Unfortunately, this didn’t relieve the tension between them at all.

Sir Guillaume came to an uncomfortable conclusion. He realized his father thought him to be incorrigibly evil.

Despair is a sin, Father, thought Guillaume. You despair that Geoffroi, Jean, and I can ever be good. You despair in spite of the evidence to the contrary.

The anger washed over him like a flash flood washes over desert. Men are incorrigibly evil, said Sir Robert.

They are not, and I am proof, thought Guillaume. Lazarus is proof. If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen him.

Sir Robert stayed silent for several more minutes. When he finally spoke, he said, You stay here and pray for penance for your sins.

And you pray for penance for your own, thought Guillaume.

Sir Robert left Guillaume without replying. This was a major change in the conversation. Normally, Sir Robert would have responded with rage and violence. Guillaume felt that maybe he was making progress. He left and went home to his apartment. He kept to himself so Sir Robert could see he wasn’t spreading his supposed taint to Bridie.

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