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Post-Session: 21

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 21.

Story - Getting to Know the Youth?

Game Date: 7/9/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William felt a little awkward. He'd gone down to a basketball court in one of the poorer neighborhoods, and didn't quite know why. He was wearing green and white athletic clothes, which was an indication that he'd learned from his last foray into the poorer section of town. Internet research had helped. He suddenly wished he'd had modern libraries in Greatoak. Boys were playing half-court ball by twos, with the winners staying on the court and the losers leaving. William spent the first few minutes watching to see if he could glean anything from play on the court. He figured out that using the palm was bad for dribbling. Some jumping was also required. The youths were mostly wearing red, marking them as Bloods. At least this bunch didn't seem too violent, thought William.

"You're not from here," said the tall, quite muscular man. He was also very, very dark. William noticed that some of the other youths were looking at him with some envy. "You got game?"

"I'm here to find that out," said William. "Shall you and I call next?" William felt funny using streetball slang, but he'd noticed you didn't get on the court unless you said that.

The black man looked at him funny for a moment, then smiled. "All right," he said. "This might be fun." He turned and called next. The pair got some funny looks when they took the court. "Whatsamatter, y'all ain't never seen a white boy before?," said the black man. "It's a free country. He can play ball if he wanna." Mutters of "you crazy" and "not down here" wafted about. The previous winners looked at each other, then threw the ball at William. "Check," said one youth. William knew enough to throw the ball back.

The black man was very good at basketball, easily moving to the basket on offense, and playing fairly good defense. William was rocky and clumsy at first, but settled in quickly as he found that he could play good defense, and he developed a fair mid-range jumper. He even got in a dunk that drew some oohs and ahs. The black man and the opposing youths smirked small approval. "Okay, okay," said one of the youths. "White man's got a little game."

"White man's got a name, boy," said the black man. "I bet you don't know it either," shot back the youth. The other youth asked William his name. William told him. The youth responded that William had a funny accent. William responded by getting a clean block on the youth's next drive. Oohs and ahs drifted across the court again. Play continued, but the two youths began to respect William's defense more. William began to develop some offense. William and his partner wound up winning.

"I must go," said William. He shook his partner's hand. "I am embarrassed not to know your name."

"It's Don," said the other.

"Very well, Don. Au revoir. We must do this again."

"Maybe we will."

William made his way back home, wishing that more of the upper crust in California played basketball and not golf. Golf was frustrating and not as physically relaxing as basketball. But the upper class played golf, and there was nothing to do but learn the game.

Record Last Changed Date: 12/26/2007

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