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Post-Session: 21

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 21.

Story - Practice With Father

Game Date: 7/14/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

Guillaume was exhausted, battered, and quite bruised. He'd been training with his father at Greatoak Manor, which is to say that he was receiving a one-sided beating from his father. It was a good thing Uncle Geoffroi had gotten him the best armor, or he'd be in even worse shape. Guillaume readied himself again in spite of the pain. This is what a warrior does, he thought.

He decided to take the initiative and attack Father. Guillaume did not give a war cry.

Sir Robert was surprised by his son's attack. He was further surprised by the skill that Guillaume displayed. He grudgingly admitted to himself that the boy did have some worth and was learning. It was well this was the case. This was the one who would succeed him at Greatoak Manor. He then remembered the hatred he had for Guillaume, aye, and Geoffroi and Jean, too. Sir Robert's blows were now guided with more anger and hatred than skill, but, being the grown man and more experienced fighter, his blows began to tell.

Guillaume did not give way. His desire to prove himself worthy would not let him. He continued to fight, striking and parrying, lunging and slashing, dodging and maneuvering. He would prove to Father that he was not worthless. He would prove that he could learn and that he was not inherently flawed. He dealt with his pain and continued to fight. Give the effort for God. Give the effort for Holy Mary. Give the effort for St. Michael. Give the effort for Uncle Geoffroi.

Finally, Sir Robert struck the blade from Guillaume's hand. But yet Guillaume did not give up. He did not give in. He used his shield with all the skill he knew trying to retrieve his sword. Sir Robert had to use all of his skill to prevent this. They went back and forth for several minutes, Guillaume showing relentless resolve to retrieve his weapon, and Sir Robert becoming increasingly irritated that he could not finish off his son. Back and forth they fought. The sweat was now pouring through their armor. Neither gave thought to the pain, nor the damage they were visiting upon their armor, nor the wear they were putting on their weapons.

The exasperation in Sir Robert reached a climax. With a great bellowing war cry he splintered Guillaume's shield and sprawled him on the ground away from his weapon. Guillaume reached for his belt and found nothing. Sir Robert smiled to himself at his foresight in only allowing sword and shield for this practice. Guillaume showed no surrender in his eyes as Sir Robert towered over him.

Normally, a father would be proud of his son for displaying such courage and skill. Happiness would have swelled in his breast that so many of his lessons were being learned and applied. The prospect of the family legacy being carried forward so proudly as a son proved himself ready for his knighthood should have brought joy and satisfaction. In another practice field, an apple would have been handed down, or a hand would have been extended, and, once raised up, a hearty clap would have been bestowed on the son's shoulder. The father probably would have bragged on his son at dinner, loudly proclaiming the son's skill, and heart, and courage.

This was not the case at Greatoak Manor.

Sir Robert felt no satisfaction from this session. He turned, walked away, and returned to the inside of Greatoak Manor. Guillaume got up and assessed the loneliness of his current situation, because no one had come out to watch, much less to help. He turned toward Greatoak Manor as well. Dinner was silent that evening, Sir Robert fuming and Guillaume unyielding.

Record Last Changed Date: 12/26/2007

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