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Post-Session: 21

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 21.

Story - Talking About the Day

Game Date: 7/19/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William and Bridie were sitting down to dinner. Bridie was talking about her day. It seemed to have gone well. She didn't have any trouble with the kids today. William took a moment to marvel once more at the wonders of modern education. He weighed the pros and cons of his education versus a modern education. Modern American education was much more rounded than his education. But his education was what was necessary for his time. He only wished that he could sit in on her classes. But he would look out of place in a third grade class.

"And the 'Terrible Three' were even quiet today!" exclaimed Bridie. "I got through a lot of material, and everybody turned in their homework. Now, if only I could get everybody to get 100s..."

"I would watch the 'Terrible Three'," said William. "They are probably waiting and preparing for something dastardly."

"That's not being optimistic," said Bridie.

"Remember, love, I'm the former boy, and I know boys," said William. He mentally hushed Geoffroi and Jean who were delightfully shouting suggestions to the 'Terrible Three.'

"But maybe they are getting better," said Bridie.

William decided not to give voice to the fact that he knew better. The family reaction was predictable. Mother and Eleanor fretted. Geoffroi and Jean cheered. Sir Robert fumed. Uncle Geoffroi shrugged and gave a wan smile. Then Sir Robert roared obscenities at Geoffroi and Jean while chasing them. Mother and Eleanor fretted. Uncle Geoffroi tried to restrain Sir Robert in the most dignified manner possible.

"Are you thinking about your family," asked Bridie. "Yes," replied William.

After a moment of silence Bridie changed the subject. Well, sort of. She asked him more about his vacation. He decided to talk about Kansas. After all, it was where Toto and Dorothy were from, and, more importantly, Bridie had never been there. William became amazed at how eloquent he could wax on a big flat state full of cornfields. Then again, he remembered that where he had originally come from was mostly agricultural, so he wasn't such a stranger to the practice. While he talked, he got up and went to the kitchen, where he absentmindedly opened the refrigerator, got an apple, he'd filled both vegetable crispers with them, and started to munch while he continued to wax eloquent. He smiled when Bridie chided him for talking with his mouth full. William continued to smile. He also continued to talk with his mouth full.

Bridie muttered something about how men everywhere were just alike. William heard none of it.

When they went to bed and went to sleep, Bridie immediately fell into a deep slumber. The better to prepare for the third grade, thought William. William then turned to his myriad problems of Alcatraz security, the Grand Empire, dimensional problems, Prime, how on earth he would get the information Mystic wanted, and the source of the evil whose taint lingered on the Welsh witch/innocent girl, William was ever so slightly frustrated over being unable to decide which. He did this for a couple of hours, then went to sleep.

Record Last Changed Date: 12/26/2007

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