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Post-Session: 21

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 21.

Story - Detention

Game Date: 7/21/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

The tall auburn-haired man stood in the classroom, radiating his presence throughout the room. He towered over the desks in mighty splendor and righteous attitude, sharply dressed.

The three boys sat in their respective desks, sharing the mischievous, evil-in-training look that only third grade boys can have in their eyes. They did not cower. They did not shrink. They simply glared back in defiance at the presence before them.

How had they come to this impasse?

The three boys, Gene Shasky, Alan Chung, and Lawton Grambling, a.k.a. the Terrible Three, had come to this place by the usual route: yanking ponytails down and dresses up, pushing and shoving the other boys, spitting spitballs, throwing pencils with damaging accuracy, and trying, but on this day failing, to gather extra lunch money.

The man, William Rouen, had come here on the request of Bridie Donnelly, the Terrible Three's teacher. They had been incorrigible, and Bridie was of the opinion that they needed a strong man's hand to contain them. So William had come because he realized that if the school coaches or Bridie had attempted to dispense justice on this day, there would have been suspensions, abrasions, hospitalizations, and frustrations. So William was required to be the strong but gentle hand of discipline.

William thought about the desires of the coaches. He tried not to think about how much he agreed with them when faced with the Terrible Three. He only said, "You are here because of your unacceptable behavior, boys. You need to repent your sinful and how do they say? low-down ways."

The Terrible Three looked at him like he was a nut case. But he had an affect on them that the coaches didn't have, even though each of them received enough whippings from the coaches every week to skin the average elephant or rhino. They didn't know why they felt like obeying this new guy. They didn't know where he had come from. They felt contained by him, and they greatly disliked it.

"I will be watching," said William. "You must amend your ways. It is not proper that you should become junior terrorists."

The Terrible Three considered this from their school desks. This guy had to be taken out. They'd never be free to roam and play properly if this guy was around. Their looks held his. There was no surrender.

Detention ended. The Terrible Three left, their looks promising more trouble. William watched them go, his look promising a halt to all their fun with righteous retribution.

William went home, realizing that if all youth was like this, his job was quite secure for ages.

Record Last Changed Date: 12/26/2007

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