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Night Quest - Stories

Post-Session: 21

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 21.

Story - Dreams of Katherine

Game Date: 7/22/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Lazarus wakes in the night haunted by the same dream. The images are vivid and clear as if they were yesterday and the experience is almost astral in nature. She is as beautiful as the dawn with the light breaking over mountains ushering in the new day. Her form the very essence of perfection and her soul as pure as the new fallen snow but the image is flawed with her tears. His mind focuses back as he sees the horror that is the dream; she stands on the precipice of eternity, supported only by a strand of hemp rope. Her eyes cry out looking for him but only finding strangers, silently he curses himself for this eternal torment which has been wrought on him, his love can not see him for the man he is now. He rushes towards her, the crowd like quicksand slows his progress to an almost nothing. It seems like eternity to him, finally when all strength has left him he reaches the edge of the dais. The next moment burns in his mind like a brand, the sound of rope tightening, the picture of her angelic form going limp, the sounds of her vertebrae snapping and breaking, the life draining from her physical form. He can sense it in a way no one will understand, the soul leaving the earth and her form becoming nothing more than a shell of her true beauty. He weeps and surrenders to the moment, crying out at the top of his lungs cursing his existence. Inside he knows, as if a blinding light of truth shone on him, that this is his fault.

Had he not met her, had he stayed away like he always did then she would be alive, but alone. Selfishly he had convinced himself he deserved her love and now this is what had been wrought. "Witchcraft" the people called it. Evil spells and such nonsense, her healing has actually been he helping others, but after being observed the town became enraged and as mobs do found their scapegoat. He had thought himself fortunate, throwing himself off the cliff to escape the pursuing mob. His only consolation was that he distracted them long enough for her to get away. Now that was just another part of the tragedy which was his life. He had awaked, as he knew he would, a short time later. His face was different and strange to him but somehow familiar. By the time he made it back to town the so called "hearing" had been completed and her fate decided. Only then do the moments in time begin again. Her name was Katherine and she shall be forever the light that cast itself on his shadow.

He wakes screaming again, realizing the entire thing yet another dream, but more than a dream since the images are a reminder of his curse. He rises and goes to the sink, seeing the face in the mirror he has almost forgotten what his true face is. He brushes his teeth, doing the normal toil of mortals. Once done he gets his cup of tea, Earl Grey. Checking the days news he sees nothing of importance, then again to him what is important? To the easel he walks and looks at his latest creation. He starts again furiously attempting to capture that image to canvas for him, perhaps to let the world know of his torment. That final image of his Katherine leaving this mortal coil.

Later after the day has begun to pass, Lazarus casually strolls about the complex looking for his companions to catch up on events. He happens to find the Knight sitting in the eatery having midday meal. He queries, "Might I join you"? With a nod the Knight agrees, "Tell me about your past William..."

Record Last Changed Date: 12/26/2007

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