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Post-Session: 22

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 22.

Story - It's Fun To Stay...

Game Date: 8/5/2005
Location: West Hollywood, California

Who: Delta-Vee

Interview 06/14/2005 - Transcribed to data file 08/05/2005


Yeah, I met Mark while he was here in We Ho. I'd been in town for just a couple of weeks, and was staying at the Y until I could find some work and a place of my own.

I'm an actor, you know? This waiter job is just a temporary thing.

Of course, if it hadn't been for Mark, I'd be a whole lot worse off now, but that comes a little later.

Like I said, I was staying at the Y, and I see this guy walking down the hall to the rooms carrying some bags. He was obviously moving along to the beat of whatever was playing in his head phones. When I heard the classic 70s lyrics he was singing under his breath as he passed, I knew he was a gay boi. No, straight guy, or most gay guys, are campy enough to be singing that obvious of a song while staying at the YMCA, but at least he wasn't doing that dance.

I did think he looked a little like the pictures of Boost that I saw on 360gay.com, but I couldn't believe a celebrity would be staying at the Y, or be that corny. Even so he was a hottie so I decided to make 'friends.' Yeah, I tried putting the moves on him, but he just didn't seem interested. Now, I know why.

Still he was a nice guy, and we chatted for a bit. When he told me that he was only spending the night, I ordered him to wear the best clothes he had. Boy! Was that a challenge. The boy does not have any fashion sense at all. If I had known that he actually had some money to his name, and wasn't another poor starving college age kid, like myself, I would have dragged his Old Navy covered ass down to do some real shopping! Maybe, at Urban Outfitters, he didn't have jock enough vibe for A&F or American Eagle.

What? Oh, no, Mark didn't tell me that he was actually Boost until later.

So after a cheap dinner, we went to i-Candy to dance, hang out, cruise. I'm sure you know the drill. There was this older guy there that was into us. I think his name was Dave. Whatever, we'll just call him Dave, it isn't important. He kept offering to buy us drinks. Mark refused, only drank water he bought himself. I, on the other hand, am not one to turn down free booze. Yeah, I knew Dave thought that meant he was going to get to take me home, but I was sure that I could handle anything that came up. Boy, was I wrong.

I still don't know when the bastard did it, but he must have slipped me a ruffie. I don't remember much of the rest of that night. From what Mark and the cops told me later, I was pretty out of it by closing time. Mark wanted the two of us to walk back to the Y. David wanted us both, or at least me, to ride with him back to his place. Mark said he asked me what I wanted, and that I said I wanted to go back to the Y. At Dave's trial I found out that was when Mark had started recording what was going on and transmitting it to the cops.

I don't have the exact details, but apparently Dave tried to force me into the car with him. Mark was having none of that, and proceeded to stop him. Too bad, Mark apparently is a real goody two shoes, and didn't actually hurt David, too much. Even after David pulled a gun, all Mark did was bruise David's hand, knocking the gun out of it.

Mark was supposed to be back for David's trial next month, not that it matters much. Based on Mark's statement, they got a search warrant for David's place. They found some other guys and a couple girls there. David was a pimp and a white market slaver. They have him dead to rights, and he is looking for a plea deal.

Like I said, if it wasn't for Mark, I'd be a sex slave, crack whore or worse by now. Instead, I've got a steady job, an okay place, and a good boyfriend. What almost happened to me got around the Y. A number of us got together and swore off the hard partying and started going to the clubs together to keep an eye on each other, that's how Robbie and I got together.

Sorry, I can't help any more. Mark didn't say much about where he was going or why. He said it was important that he kept going, when I asked him to stay. That he needed to find out something, I think. I wish I could help you more.

Record Last Changed Date: 3/16/2008

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