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Post-Session: 22

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 22.

Story - Resilience

Game Date: 8/5/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

Resilience. Guillaume marveled at it. He did so in both himself and the Grand Empire. True, the base was in Utah, but that the Grand Empire would be both so smart to place it some distance from California and so resilient to build a massive enough base to require the FSS and two paranormal teams to deal with it was a rather enormous and unsettling thought for Guillaume to deal with. So many defeats. So many returns. Oddly enough, Vince Lombardi sprang to his mind. "A winner is a guy who gets up exactly one more time than he gets knocked down."

And the Grand Empire kept getting up.

But you will get up, too, said Uncle Geoffroi. It struck Guillaume that he felt his entire family supporting Uncle Geoffroi's statement.

Guillaume took the sentiment and moved on with it. He went to Alcatraz and set about deepening his expertise on the Grand Empire. Anything that resilient needed more resilience to put it down. It's nothing you didn't know already, said Sir Robert. Guillaume digested that thought as well. He was taken from a time where his family was locked in mortal combat with the Welsh and the Saxons. The Saxons would have been effectively quelled in what would have been his lifetime. The Welsh were remarkably more resilient, effectively lasting two more centuries, and fighting for three more centuries.

My family overcame that, so I shall overcome the Grand Empire, thought Guillaume.

You'll need children, said Mother.

Not now, Mother, thought William. I've a Grand Empire to crush.

Guillaume was suddenly struck by the amusing thought that he would be at least a supporter if not an integral part of the Grand Empire had circumstances been slightly different.

Don't judge me. You could be me, another life, in another set of circumstances. Don't judge me. Another night, I'll just have to take my chances... that tomorrow will be...

This also amused Guillaume that a line from a Sting song would reach his ears as he was contemplating himself vis--vis the Grand Empire. Was it God trying to get him to be lenient with a well timed message? Or was it coincidence? Guillaume reverted to his Norman upbringing, which told him that the Grand Empire was his enemy, it was the enemy of his adopted home, so it must be confronted and defeated. Guillaume returned to his task. He kept thinking that boxing trainers were half wrong, because the Wardens kept chopping the body, but the head did not fall. He decided to put more effort into discovering the head. Chop off the head, and the body dies. Guillaume determined to see if this applied to the Grand Empire. But first, he thought, I'll need some Calvados. All of this contemplating is tiring.

Record Last Changed Date: 3/16/2008

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