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Post-Session: 22

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 22.

Story - Cosmic Designs: Stage 3

Game Date: 8/15/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

More time had passed and he was behind schedule. Pong had been fun, for a while, then it had become a distraction. Then there was all the training to get ready for the raid on the Grand Empire and what was gained by it, nothing. Well they had helped cripple the Grand Empire's operations in North America, but not one shred of data had been found on the Professor and where the Grand Empire was hiding him. It was time to move forward with the development of the cosmic computer.

Days passed and not once did Prime leave the lab. There was work to be done and he was just the super-evolved human to do it. Prime poured over the plans, this would work and would help make up for time lost to the Grand Empire debacle. He sat down in front of the glowing ball of cosmic energy and went to work.

Why reinvent the wheel, Prime thought to himself, as he recreated another of SAMís "holographic" storage matrices within the glowing sphere of energy that was his cosmic computer. It was much easier to simply copy SAMís storage matrices and upload its programming, then make modification as desired. After all, it would take a mere effort of will to expand its capabilities with new circuitry and it was much easier to modify an existing operating system than try to whip one up from scratch.

Of course, HIS computer would be far superior to the original. Storage matrices formed from "molded" cosmic energy would not be slowed by passing through crude physical matter and there would be no need to worry about the heat-buildup caused by resistance. The cosmic computer would be faster than any computer yet seen upon the earth and its growth potential was nearly unlimited. Why, he might even be able to create the first true artificial intelligence!

As a wave of pride swept over him, Prime cautioned himself not to forget his eventual goal. For the moment, the cosmic computer was far too fragile to move about. If it was one day to serve as the brain of a giant invulnerable body made from stable cosmic energy, he had dozens of seemingly insurmountable hurdles to overcome.

Record Last Changed Date: 3/16/2008

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