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Post-Session: 22

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 22.

Story - Parley by Practice

Game Date: 8/23/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William was sweating on the basketball court. It was just him and Don on the court, practicing working together as a team. William wondered at the talent that must exist in the NBA, if Don was somehow not good enough to play there. Don wondered aloud why William wasn't in the NBA. William replied that he hadn't yet received his white boy ups card. Don laughed. It was quite the sight. The two looked like they didn't belong together, but they got along well.

"You don't seem to quite fit in here, and it ain't because your from Louisiana," said Don. "You don't really belong down here in the streets, even though you've developed a little game. But you keep coming here, so you probably don't fit in where you supposed to be. I wanna know what's up," Don finished.

"I need exercise and pace," replied William. "My 'natural compatriots' that you think I have insist on playing golf. I wish more of them would play this."

"Rich folk play tennis," replied Don. "You could be playing that. Besides, I know they play hoops on better courts. Yet you keep coming here."

"How do you know I'm rich folk?," queried William.

"You just look like it," replied Don. "You sure don't belong down here."

"It's that obvious?"

"It's that obvious."

They went back to practicing. The maneuvers and moves were the same, but William had gone back into his shell after this last exchange. Don had enough sense to just leave him alone and play ball for the time being. Truth be told, he usually got over his rough spots by playing ball, so he readily gave someone else the chance to do the same.

The day grew late. Yet no one had gathered to watch the two practice. Don thought it was a pity. William had some pretty moves for a white man. William welcomed the solitude. He didn't necessarily want the extra attention. It had taken a lot of energy from him to even show up as regularly as he did. He wasn't used to opening up this much. He wasn't ready to let anybody too close. But he had to reach out to other living beings. Introversion has its limits.

Don finally said he'd had enough and gathered in his basketball. William was tired, too, but didn't really want to speak. William was walking back to his car when he got a sudden feeling. He stopped, turned around, and asked Don about street gangs. Don, who was walking home, stopped, gave a quizzical look, and explained poverty, desperation, and hopelessness. William pointed out that Don wasn't desperate or hopeless. Don replied he was one of very few. William offered that he was concerned about street violence. Don replied he should be with just a touch of bitterness.

William was unable to go further. Don helped him out by offering a time they could practice next. William accepted by saying they should talk more. Don agreed, then started to walk home again. William began to feel quite alone again. He got into his car and drove back to his own apartment.

Bridie called later, but got no answer. William was home. He just looked at the phone while it rang and never picked it up. He didn't answer to his mother or his sister, either. His brothers left him alone. The presences of his father and uncle were absent. William didn't feel like talking to anyone as loneliness and isolation enclosed him once more. He went to bed still enmeshed in the loneliness and isolation he knew for many of his days. But he resolved to make it to his meeting with Don early.

Record Last Changed Date: 3/16/2008

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