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Faith and Chaos - Stories

Post-Session: 23

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 23.

Story - A Matter of Balance

Game Date: 8/27/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William... Guillaume... was alone.

The darkness engulfed him but that was not the worst of it. It was the cold. A cold like no other which he had ever experienced before, it chilled his very soul. His soul, it was then that he realized he was but a spirit, his body was gone. No ache of sore muscles, no lungs drawing breathe, all was gone...

All but the cold and darkness... William... Guillaume... was alone in the cold and darkness...

Then there was another, William... Guillaume... sensed his presence...

He heard the voice of his Uncle Geoffroi, "You have questions, I will try and answer them," but yet it was not his uncle.

Jaxton Gray's voice rang through his 'mind,' "Who am I? You may call me Balance."

His sister, Eleanor, "Yes... you are dead."

His love, Bridie, "Yes... this is certainly not heaven nor is it hell."

Next was Delta-Vee, "That's right... you are not in Kansas anymore."

Then was Prime, "Kansas, why is it always Kansas? Aren't you from Louisiana?"

His brother, Geoffroi, "No... Greatoak, then?"

His former teammate Kika, "You were taken without your approval."

His first friends in this new time, Helena and Chris spoke in unison, "In the wrong place... at the wrong time."

The strange evil yet not demon Mystic, "Gifted with a means to stop the evil."

Next was Mortisha, "The evil was destroyed."

Then his young charge, Miss Majestic, "Success was yours for the price of your life."

Then again Jaxton Gray, "The balance was restored."

The capricious Kitsune, "Then there was chaos."

His former leader, Nexus, "The higher power said to you a choice was to be given."

His brother, Jean, "Choice is chaotic, the balance is upset by chaos."

He of wasabi peas, Boost, "Do you choose your friends?"

The Lady Amethyst, "Do you choose your family?"

His partner on the court, Don, "You will be out of place."

The ageless Lazarus, "Or you will be home."

His Father, "Duty to family and lord it is the way of your upbringing."

His Mother, "But in time a man moves on and starts his own family."

Once again Jaxton Gray, "The choice is yours."

Then William... Guillaume... 'heard' his own 'voice,' "Why was I taken, other than to stop the evil?"

His adversary, Caira the Welsh Witch, "Someone's poor judgment."

Once again his own 'voice' rang out, "Why was this done to me?"

To be answered by Jaxton Gray, "Balance..." and mocked by Prime, "Convenience?"

He gave 'voice' to a final question, "Do I have any other purpose here?"

A burden was then given by Jaxton Gray, "That is your choice to make..." and punctuated by his Uncle Geoffroi, "A man is nothing without purpose."

William... Guillaume... takes a fairly long time, days maybe seconds, to think.

William states, "I will return to the San Francisco that I left, having defeated the evil Dissenter."

He feels himself start to fall...

Guillaume requests, "I want to continue to be able to talk to my family."

Light starts to return as does warmth...

William continues, "I what to know what my purpose in San Francisco with the Wardens is"

The ground appears below him...

William finishes, "...as well as what I can and cannot do."

The impact stuns him... pain returns...


He wakes in great pain. Looking up he sees a nurse in blue scrubs injecting the contents of a syringe into a tube in his arm.

Sometime later, the pain has lessened when he looks up to see that she has returned to his bedside.

He tries to talk, to ask a question, but no sound comes forth.

She speaks slowly with a soothing Cajun accent, telling him to relax or he might pull something loose. She continues in an apologetic tone saying that his larynx has been crushed and that he is not able to speak right now. She smiles as once again she injects the contents of a syringe into the tube in his arm. She pats him on the hand and tells him that he has been blessed for he has survived the storm.

He knows that he is in a hospital, he recognized the accent of his nurse, he senses that he is home and he knows that he has been badly injured. All of this his foggy drugged addled mind discerns without pause but a sense of desperation builds within him, something is terribly wrong. With much effort, he lifts his arm to look at the id bracelet on it. It reads, 'Unknown Male - Cueller's Cut.' His mind whirls as he tries to remember something, anything about himself. Just before he succumbs to the effects of the sedative he realizes that just like the hospital staff, he has no idea who he is.


Days then weeks pass but he has no idea how much time has passed as he drifts in and out of the drug induced haze. He dreams of keeps and hovels, barbarians and priests, knights and horses.


Through the haze he saw a priest praying in Latin and waving his hand in benediction above his still form in the bed. When the priest touches him, a feeling of great peace washes over him and the pain from his broken body diminishes. The priest then speaks a blessing in Latin and places a disk of cool metal upon his chest.

The doctor in the rumpled scrubs takes his hand from the patient and staggers back a couple of steps briefly overcome by his exertions. The pain is great, but it soon becomes bearable and the doctor walks wobbly out of the ICU. In the hall he bumps into a priest and waves off his help explaining that he has worked may hours without a break and is headed to the doctor's lounge for some sleep. The priest smiles at the doctor, makes a cross in the air before him and tells the bedraggled man to go with God.


Days then weeks pass but he has no idea how much time has passed as he drifts in and out of the drug induced haze. He dreams of heroic paranormals fighting the good fight against the evils of this world and beyond.


He wakes with a start, a cold dagger knifing into his chest. He reaches for the dagger and finds a small metal disk with a Latin phrase on it, "Vestri vitae resumptus, vivo is optime." The English came easily to his mind "Your life resumes, Live it well."

He flipped over the small medallion and saw a coat of arms... His mind was battered by a flood of memories and when the surge abated, William knew who and what he was.

He thoughT of his friends the Wardens and a vision filled his mind of a battle between his comrades and a great evil. Delta-Vee was down and the others were locked in a heated engagement with some alien looking foes that wreaked of unearthly evil.

He called for the spirit of his faithful steed and rode. His friends would soon face a great danger and a Knight of St. Michael would be at their side.

Record Last Changed Date: 3/16/2008

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