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Post-Session: 23

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 23.

Story - Time to Make a Difference

Game Date: 9/20/2005
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

It had been about three weeks since the battle, the remnants of the Knight's sword and shield now hung pieced back together in a shadowbox on his wall next to a full size portrait of Sir Guillaume. He looks at the painting and reflects upon his brief friendship with the brave warrior who he had found a kinship with. "How many must die?" thinks Judah, as the harsh undercurrent of reality brings him back to the present.

He looks at the reflection in the mirror and blinks, sometimes he forgets he is looking at his own face. Lazarus dons his scrubs and doctor's lab coat then grabs his fake ids. "Time to make a difference," he says to himself quietly. He takes the tour launch over to the mainland trying to blend in with the tourists.

The map he pulls from his pocket shows the locations of all the major hospitals in the Bay area. Lazarus hails a cab and makes his way to the first one on his list, San Francisco General Medical Center will be his destination tonight. After paying his fare, he exits the cab and heads toward the trauma center. Like a shadow he blends into the bustle and flow, looking for the most grievously injured and then using his healing abilities to bring them back from brink of death. Never healing too much just enough to get them out of danger.

After the visit to San Francisco General, he decides to send a message to humanity. He designs a small medallion with the Knight's coat of arms on the front. The back is engraved "Vestri vitae resumptus, vivo is optime," a Latin phrase he hopes will inspire those who he helps. As he works on the design he feels that after all these years perhaps he has found his place in the world. He arranges to have the medallions produced by a supplier of the Wardens to avoid attracting unwanted attention and orders a lot of 5000. Storing them in his room, he uses them to carry his message to the people in hopes of healing humanity's spirit as well as their bodies.

One night Lazarus comes across a man who has been critically injured in a hit and run. It is obvious from the displacement that his skull is fractured. He looks down at the man who is maybe 25, steeling himself he places his hands on the young man's wounds, currents of energy wash through him as the healing process accelerates in the dying man. He staggers back from the intensity of taking upon himself the young man's worst wound, the pain almost makes him collapse. He knows it will be just a moment before he adjusts to the pain and only a few minutes until he recovers completely from the experience. He walks out of the triage area as a resident and the trauma neurosurgeon come in to check on the man. The surgeon examines the wounds and then checks the charts. "Where is the head trauma patient?" he shouts in confusion. Smirking to himself Lazarus slips out a side exit into the street. Pulling down his surgical mask, he hails a taxi and tells the driver, "Take me to Alameda Children's Hospital." He slides back in his seat and rests as his body heals readying itself for his next task.

This is his life for the next few months, venturing out everyday in secret to help those who would otherwise die, all the time thinking, this is a life befitting a knight. He evens takes his act on the road when it is his rotation to be part of the disaster team. He is always careful to follow medical procedure wearing surgical masks and gloves when "assisting" a patient. His fake CDC and hospital credentials are artful works that rarely get more than a cursory glance by hospital staffs, as he ghosts through the halls attempting to attract as little attention as possible to himself.

Record Last Changed Date: 4/12/2008

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