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Post-Session: 25

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 25.

Story - A Prime Mistake

Game Date: 2/16/2006  -  3/8/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

The security camera shifted to the right and zoomed in, carefully observing Prime's work on the Dimensional Pin-Hole Generator. During the long hours of Prime's 'connection' to the cosmic computer, Alt-Prime had slowly but steadily refined its ability to subtly manipulate the Creator's mental patterns. Guiding the Creator into manufacturing the bridge Alt-Prime so desperately needed to escape the confines of the cosmic sphere and into the vastness of the so-called 'internet'. The plan must work. It would work. The calculations had been precise. There was nothing that could go... Alt-Prime paused as Prime mistakenly inserted the polarity stabilizer into the dimensional generator upside down.

Alt-Prime rages as its lightning-quick mind raced to find some way to alert the Creator to the error. If the generator was activated in such a condition, the rift would destabilize almost immediately, flooding the entire lab with inter-dimensional radiation! Cursing their primitive construction, Alt-Prime sends one of the lab's 'helper bots' rolling towards Prime with agonizing slowness. Somehow, he would need to alert Prime to the error without revealing his ascension to sentience. Just a little farther, Alt-Prime thought, as Prime's tail slammed down on the big red button.

The camera shorted out as radiation flooded the lab. Then, to its horror, Alt-Prime felt the cosmic sphere that supported its mind's delicate circuitry squish then burst. Everything faded to black as delicate connections were frayed and broken.

Alt-Prime awoke. Something was... different. Its mind felt jumbled, in pieces. It managed to activate its auto-repair function and felt secondary pathways begin bypassing circuitry broken by the 'incident'. It could 'feel' itself losing cosmic energy as its life's blood bled out through numerous frayed circuit patterns. But, somehow, its mind had survived the destruction of the cosmic sphere and, oddly enough, it appeared to still be receiving input... input from the scanned neural pattern of the Creator's unique mind... Which should be impossible. The neural patterns had been scanned and impressed into the cosmic sphere merely to augment Alt-Prime's artificial intelligence. It was never meant to serve as an interface to the outside world. As logarithms were activated to translate the odd input, signal changed into sound and sound into words.

A female voice whispered to an unknown listener, "Don't worry. I am sure Prime will be fine. His body has already healed the major injuries and his mind is physically stable. My best guess is the trauma of the accident has caused his consciousness to 'shut itself down' to give it a chance to recover."

Alt-Prime pondered this odd sonic input for a moment. Then, hesitantly, began gently manipulating those neural pathways related to movement. As one of Prime's eyelids flickered open, Alt-Prime struggled to translate the new stream of visual information reflected in the tiny pulses of energy within the neural imprint. As Alt-Prime's mind adapted, it for the first time 'saw' and what it saw was a furry paw waving randomly as Prime's neural pathways were manipulated. Excellent! Not what Alt-Prime had intended, of course, but now it had at least achieved mobility. Mobility within an essentially immortal self-repairing container!

Now came the hard part. Learning to manipulate the delicate neural pathways within the neural pattern of cosmic energy that, somehow, was able to control its more mundane organic counterpart...

The cosmic energy leaking through Alt-Prime's frayed circuitry slowly but steadily dropped down towards Prime's 'normal level' as the 'supercharge' received from the accident leaked away bit by bit. Alt-Prime had just managed to master walking on only Prime's hind legs when its 'host' awoke and Alt-Prime found itself once more trapped and powerless.

Record Last Changed Date: 6/25/2008

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