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Post-Session: 25

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 25.

Story - Alt-Prime 1.0

Game Date: 2/16/2006  -  2/20/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

The soft crackling of the cosmic energy sphere hovered on the edge of Prime's awareness as he carefully positioned the last of the three lasers. Prime glanced over his shoulder, making sure that he had not dislodged the six shards of the cosmic meteor mated to six pieces of black bio-ceramic floating atop the basketball-sized containment field holding the intricately patterned cosmic energy within the heart of his cosmic computer

He made another tiny adjustment as he shook his head in aggravation. If the Wardens were simply more understanding of his needs and allowed him to setup his high-intensity communication laser on top of one of the prison buildings, then he wouldn't have to be drilling holes into a conveniently handy neighboring dimension just to get a decent internet link.

But, instead of doing things the easy way, he was forced to go to the needless trouble of inventing a dimensional drill to punch a couple dime-size openings in the dimensional barrier so that his high-intensity communication laser to transmit information between the openings. Sure, anything between the two openings in the 'other' dimension would be vaporized, but he could simply sent through a mini-scout bot once he punched the first hole. That should be enough to make sure there weren't any frolicking happy locals who would notice a beam of destruction flashing into existence across several miles of the island.

A last adjustment and it was finally done. Standing between the cosmic computer and the dimensional drill, his tail flickered out to hit the big red button. Three high-intensity beams of coherent focused cosmic radiation intersected in a single point as the lasers flickered to life. A terrible ripping sound filled the lab and a spider-web of glowing blue-green cracks spread outward from a single point. Then the sound of a pane of glass thrown off a skyscraper finally hitting the earth as an eight-foot wide stretch of the dimensional barrier shattered, flooding the lab with interdimensional energy. Prime found himself hurled backwards into his own cosmic computer, the sphere of cosmic energy at first flattening and spreading around the bright orange monkey before the containment field finally gave way in an explosion of cosmic energy that hurled Prime back towards the dimensional rift.

As the unleashed cosmic energy collides with the onrush of interdimensional energy, reality itself seems to shudder and Prime's tentative grasp on consciousness is lost in a bright white flash.

By the time security arrives, the interior of the lab is a charred ruin with barely enough of Prime left to keep him alive - even with his super-human regeneration.

Prime's physical recovery is quick. His natural resistance to radiation along with his superhuman healing ensures his body is soon fully functioning. But, for a time, his mind seems to be another matter. His behavior is strangely mechanical, his motions awkward as if he has to relearn how to move and speak. After a few days, Prime seems to 'awaken' and be his old self - until the first time he tries to use his 'vast cosmic powers' and discovers he was suddenly powerless! At least when it comes to hurling balls of cosmic energy.

A lapse into deep depression and a seemingly endless supply of banana splits follows. But, Prime is not one to quit. Even when common sense says otherwise. Perhaps all he needs is to jump-start his powers with a quick burst of cosmic energy! Using a shard successfully recovered from the explosion, Prime carefully exposes himself to its renewing energy - and blacks out for three days. Three days during, which, according to reports, he went on a trip to Disney World and won a small plaque in a hot-dog eating contest. Putting a small checkmark next to 'Exposing myself to cosmic radiation' on his list of things never to do again, Prime decides he should build himself a suit of power battle-armor to make up for his lack of cosmic powers.

Work went swiftly, and a couple of weeks later a suit of hi-tech, if you consider spare parts from a washing machine, Volkswagen Beetle, and flat-screen TV as hi-tech, monkey-size suit of armor was complete. Amid the whining of gears and clockwork, Prime left the Warden's base for the first time since the incident. With a mighty roar, his jet-boots launched him thirty-feet into the air!

Then, for no apparent reason, his power armor transformed itself into a Cowboy Roy's rodeo clown costume. Prime only had a few seconds to ponder this occurrence as he fell back down to earth, too startled to remember to land on his feet instead of his head.

A few days later, once Prime recovered from thinking he was Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, Prime returns to the secondary lab - which the Wardens had wisely had constructed after considered the likelihood that one or more of Prime's experiments would eventually go haywire. A few simple tests showed that Prime was literally overflowing with interdimensional energies - and the circuitry of the cosmic computer had somehow imprinted itself on Prime's own cosmic aura! The cosmic computer was somehow diverting the cosmic energy that Prime's body naturally absorbed to sustain itself - depriving Prime of its use.

A problem to be sure, Prime reasoned, but perhaps he could learn to tap the dimensional energy in the same way he had once manipulated cosmic energy? Perhaps he could learn to turn the supervillain's power armor into a clown costume...

"Muhahahaha!" Prime cackles as he considered the possibilities.

Record Last Changed Date: 6/25/2008

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