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The Real Johan Doyle - Stories

Post-Session: 25

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 25.

Story - A Little Sparring

Game Date: 2/20/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael, Eon (Lazarus)

As the sweat drips off his chin, Lazarus looks at the face of Sir William. "Had enough yet Sir Knight?" he quips.

Sir William lunges at him and Lazarus sidesteps his attack allowing him to pass by.

"By the way, I have been meaning to ask you. What exactly did you see while you were gone?" Lazarus looks at Sir William quizzically for a moment as the reality dawns on him that he is one of the few beings that have ever returned from death, "If it is a uncomfortable subject I would understand but please share your insights with me."

Sir William refocuses, lands a decent combination to Lazarus' torso, and replies, "Dark and without feeling."

Lazarus takes a step back, "Nice contact, you are improving Sir Knight. So you mean to say you found no feeling, strange. I am glad I found you then and was able to bring you back from the dark. In a strange way you brought us both back from the dark."

Lazarus smirks, these are the times I cherish, he thinks as he shows the Knight a hip throw move. Sir William allows the hip throw just to see if it was any different from the way he'd learned it. Doing it without armor, shield, and a sword in his hand made it much different.

"So Sir Knight, it would appear your sacrifice was not completely in vain," Lazarus continued. "On a serious note, I have come to a decision in my, life, as it were. The time for running is over and I believe it is time for me to confront the forces that pursue me. One way I have begun this is to rejoin humanity as it were."

Lazarus contemplates for a second and realizes he can not remember a time not being pursued.

"Tell me in all your days have you ever been hunted?"

"No, Lazarus, I was never the hunted. I was always the hunter, as you should well know."

"Well I can tell you that it is quite annoying after the first 200 years."

Sir William then sprung to his feet and punched from instinct. Doing that without a shield was somewhat different, too. Sir William missed short, his muscle memory remembering using a shield.

Lazarus grabs Sir Knight's extended wrist and pulls him in for another hip throw. "I have found my purpose in this world I believe, if I am to fulfill this I must resolve this constant burden of paranoia I experience. No one should have to exist in this manner."

Stepping back Lazarus looks at Knight, "Do you find it difficult adjusting to unarmed combat?"

When the Knight rises again, Lazarus moves forward and tries a front kick to the Knight's stomach.

Sir William grabs the leg and puts Lazarus on his back. "Not really... and I will support you in standing and fighting." Sir William stepped back. "Current circumstances notwithstanding, of course."

Lazarus kips up to a defensive stance, "You, Sir Knight, are better at this than you let on!" Lazarus parries in a circle around the Knight. "It appears that I might need to step up the moves a bit," with that he lands a series of light, quick strikes to his opponent's head, torso and stomach.

Smiling he steps back and calls, "End of session." Lazarus continues, "Thank you for the offer of assistance. I will begin researching to find further data on my pursuers and attempt to develop some leads we can follow up on."

Record Last Changed Date: 6/25/2008

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