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Post-Session: 25

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 25.

Story - Alt-Prime 2.0

Game Date: 2/24/2006  -  2/27/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Alt-Prime awakes, seeing the world once more through Prime's eyes as cosmic energy flooded its jumbled circuitry. Before him rests a shard of the cosmic meteor, the source of the renewing energy. Shifting its host's head, Alt-Prime quickly scans the room. Excellent. There is no one to witness his transformation. The shard is shoved into the host's pocket as he scampers out of the backup lab - and continues on through the quiet hallways of the Warden's base. On to the Erne, then a taxi and finally after a long plane ride in a pet carrier in the underbelly of a passenger jet, Alt-Prime arrives at his destination. The one place where an orange monkey in a lab coat won't get a second look, Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World, a wonderful source of raw materials for construction, automatons by the dozen. Its survival and independence dealt with for the moment, Alt-Prime's programmed directives even though damaged by the explosion, started reasserted themselves once more.

1. Accumulate *(*$# knowledge **# *(*# *$

2. Instruct *(#(# */#* children in the construction of hi-tech **#$ weaponry

3. Eliminate all *.*.* which fail to show proper respect to Prime

Alt-Prime read the sign. It is the perfect place to begin. A few enhancements. A bit of reprogramming. The creation is finished and would serve as the ideal vessel for instructing the most promising youths of this world in the proper manufacture of hi-tech energy weaponry. Neural scanners built into the 'elevator cars' of the Tower of Terror would allow covert data gathering, with the ride providing a convenient explanation for the resulting headaches and nausea.

Pausing only long enough to provide his host body with the necessary fuel - 30 hotdogs proved sufficient - Alt-Prime goes back to completing the last stage of work on the neural scanners. Unfortunately, it does not anticipate the lethargy involved in consumption of mass quantities. Within moments, it is peacefully dozing atop one of the Tower of Terror's 'elevator cars.' It remains dozing as the ride's initial morning test run starts prior to the park opening to the general public. The shard flies from the host body's pocket as Prime plummets 13 stories straight downward.

The impact wakes Alt-Prime. It quickly and carefully guides the host out of the tower then starts to feel contact with the host slipping away. Seeing that the pocket to the lab coat is torn, Alt-Prime frantically scours the surroundings for the missing crystal then everything fades back into darkness...

Record Last Changed Date: 6/25/2008

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