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The Real Johan Doyle - Stories

Post-Session: 25

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 25.

Story - The Call Home

Game Date: 3/10/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Prime paced nervously in his bedroom. Things had gotten strange. Well. Stranger. Strange was being transformed into the shape of a small orange primate. Stranger was having a different colored version of himself from an alternate dimension steal his former identity and life. Strange was hurling around balls of cosmic energy. Stranger was finding out that the very same cosmic energy now caused him to black out for days at a time.

He held up his clipboard and looked over the list. Planning, planning too far in advance in particular, had never been his strong point. He was more the creative genius type, or so he reassured himself once more, capable of accomplishing nearly anything, as long as the pizza and cola held out, in one long marathon session. But now, there was just too much going on.

He went back down his checklist of things to do:

1. Analyze the remnants of the cosmic computer imprinted on my aura and see if I can figure out some way to repair the damaged circuits and programming.

2. Figure out exactly what the 'Negative Prime' is doing at the university.

3. Locate the long lost Professor Herbert.

4. Find some way to send over survival supplies and a dimensional portal generator to that 'other' dimension we keep popping up in.

5. Call mom and warn her about the fake Doyle.

6. Let Cousin Marty know that he better not even think of paying the 'fake' Doyle the two-hundred bucks he borrowed from me last summer.

7. Do something heroic to remind the Wardens why I am such a valuable member of the team.

8. Find a nifty new supervillain or villain organization to be my new 'Archnemesis' now that the Empire wimped out and ran away.

9. Figure out all my nifty new dimensional powers.

10. Patent some nifty new inventions and make lots and lots of money.

His eyes went up and down the list. Well, at least there was one of those things he could handle now. "Susan, connect me to Hillary Doyle, please." He idly ran his paws over his fur and straightened the lapels of his lab coat as he waited for the connection.

In a few minutes, the video-phone image of an elderly woman with bright red hair tucked into a bright blue bandana appeared on the screen. Hillary squinted a bit, ignoring the bifocals hanging from a chain around her neck, before exclaiming, "Oh. Its you. That there imposter. My Johan told me all about you fellow, so don't even thing of trying to trick me into loaning you any more money. Why, My Johnny said you ran up over $12,000 in credit card debt while he was occupied in that important scientific work of his. Shameless little imp!"

Prime rolled his eyes, just managing to hold his sarcasm in check, as he began to explain, "Mom. That's not me. Er, I mean that's not Johan Doyle. Well. Um. Not really Johan Doyle. Er. At least not the one from this dimension. See, he's really a negative version of me from an alternate dimension and . . . "

Hillary cut Prime off with a surprisingly loud sniff that managed to quite effectively convey her complete disbelief in such nonsense, then simply replied, "Look, I have a bridge game in an hour. I am sure you are a very nice superhero, aside from this odd delusion that you're my son. But my eyes aren't so weak that I can't tell a human being from a small furry orange . . . something or other. Now, I'll have to ask you not to call me again until you've done the right thing and paid back my son all that money you borrowed in his name. Good day." With that, the connection went dead.

Prime stood in shock for a moment. That had not gone like he planned at all. If even his own mother couldn't tell he was the real Johan Doyle, that how could he convince everyone else? For that matter, why did that negative Prime even want the identity of a nearly broke doctoral student at a second-rate university? This was all getting more and more confusing by the day.

Record Last Changed Date: 6/25/2008

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