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Post-Session: 26

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 26.

Story - The Rise of Lincoln

Game Date: 3/20/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Alt-Prime

The young teenager glances nervously over his shoulder as he makes his way through the narrow underground tunnel. The occasional odd mechanical sound causes him to twitch, but he reigns in his doubts and continues on. Everyone knew the Tophats were the rising power in Orlando, absorbing or crushing rival street gangs with their hi-tech blasters and strange new weapons. Folks were whispering that the major international players had started to negotiate instead of simply threaten them. Jay knew a good thing when he saw one, and he was going to get in on the ground floor, despite the increasingly bizarre rumors about the Tophats' big boss.

As he reached the entrance to the elevator, he saw one of the Tophats lounging in front of the door, blaster rifle casually slung over his shoulder as he focused his attention on his Gameboy. Carefully, raising his hands, Jay politely announced, "Jay Kilrae here to see the big boss 'bout joining up."

The Tophat tossed the Gameboy aside and rested the rifle in the crook of his arm as he took a few steps around Jay and grinned, "This will just hurt for a sec. Don't move."

As the Tophat slammed something sharp into the back of Jay's neck's, Jay gasped in pain and demanded, "What the hell did you just do?"

The Tophat laughed, "You join up, you wear the Man's mark 'til he's sure your loyal. You betray him or try to remove it - boom - off goes your head. Now you can go up." With that, the Tophat stepped aside and waved Jay into the elevator. The doors close for only a few seconds before reopening to reveal a large and dark chamber where a shadow-cloaked man in a Tophat rested on a gilded throne. As Jay approached, the man rose and took one step forward into a beam of light.

Jay stopped in his tracks, dumbfounded. When he could finally speak, all he could say was, "Abraham Lincoln?"

Record Last Changed Date: 6/25/2008

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