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Post-Session: 26

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 26.

Story - The Shard of Lincoln

Game Date: 4/4/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Alt-Prime

Abraham Lincoln lay back in his gilded throne as the garbled data from the memory scanners on the Tower of Terror in Walt Disney World were added to his memory storage. His processors struggled to integrate the new data, searching for anything potentially useful for his mission and tagging it for more detailed examination.

As he did so, another part of his mind raised his right hand, gently cradling a small shard of green glowing crystal while microscopically examining its surface. It matched the data that had been uploaded into his mind at the time of initial sentience perfectly. It was one of the rare cosmic shards hoarded so jealously by Prime of the Wardens.

Why had it been discovered here, in a theme park on the opposite coast from their base, lying in a patch of weeds? A most interesting mystery - and one of his prime directives was the accumulation of knowledge.

A review of his memory turned up several interesting designs that would take advantage of the energies the crystal emitted, but one in particular seemed to hold tremendous promise. He pondered, would instructing his young followers in how to build a weapon that could turn them into living weapons be compatible with his directive to instruct children in the construction of hi-tech weaponry? After tremendous thought, occupying a full three percent of his mind for nearly 300 pico-seconds, he determined that the project was indeed compatible with the directive. Just as quickly, he resolved to incorporate a safeguard. After all, the full extent of the forced mutation, or accelerated evolution, that had created the superhero Prime was unnecessary for his own directives. A much shorter exposure would be sufficient to, at least temporarily, give a few of the most loyal members of the Tophats the power to deal with any superheroes, criminal enforcers, or law enforcement officials that dared to interfere with his plans. The flow of knowledge must continue. So it was written deep within his programming.

Lincoln waved over one of the young gangbangers who had begun calling themselves the 'Tophats' in his honor and laid out a list of supplies they would need to make the design a reality.

Record Last Changed Date: 6/25/2008

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