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Post-Session: 26

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 26.

Story - The Sludge Report

Game Date: 4/14/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Prime pulled up on his scooter in back of the public library, parking it out of site behind the dumpster. A soft bamph echoed through the quiet air as he slipped through a dimensional pinhole and reappeared inside the library. Picking the least visible terminal, he plugged one end of a USB cable into the computer and the other into the side of his visor.

Leaving the monitor turned off, he felt the data pass smoothly into and out of the cosmic computer as he guided its path. With the unfortunate incidents of blowing up the lab and plunging the Wardens into a rather unpleasant dimension on two separate occasions, it felt like the right time to remind them of just how useful he could be in the whole crime-fighting super-hero biz. And just how useful his newly enhanced computer skills could be.

Prime grinned as the convoluted series of fronts and transfer programs was put in place. The last thing Prime wanted was for this to be traced back to him - at least until he could be sure there wouldn't be dangerous 'blow back'. Within minutes he had set up a new web page, "The Sludge Report", with multiple redundant addresses and automated trace-switching that should make it nearly impossible for anyone to shut down. Then, with an even wider grin, he uploaded stories on every criminal and unethical activity he had managed to uncover in corporate America's most secure databases. With handy links to scanned documents and email correspondence whenever available. A few more seconds and copies of the 'juiciest' stories, along with links to the Sludge report, were sent out by anonymous email to the major media outlets. Another bamph, and he was back on his scooter, heading off into the night.

Prime yawned as he stretched and clambered out of bed the next day. "Susan, show me today's major news stories", he mumbled as he headed to the bathroom to brush his pearly whites.

As the brush whisked away, Prime listened with half an ear as a news anchor announced, "In today's news, the stock market dropped 22% before trading was suspended as word of major ethical breaches involving several of the nation and world's most trusted corporate entities spreads. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve has called an emergency weekend session to review lowering interest rates in a bid to slow an expected stampede of panic selling when the market opens on Monday. Spokesmen for the leaders of both houses said that both the House and Senate are calling for an investigation into whether this unprecedented act of whistle-blowing is a terrorist or foreign attempt to undermine confidence in the..."

Prime paused in mid-brush and mumbled to himself, "Okay. Um. Maybe that wasn't as good an idea as I'd thought. Um. Maybe I won't mentioned what I did to the other Wardens after all... There must be some better way to use my newfound gifts though..."

Record Last Changed Date: 6/25/2008

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