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Rogue Prime, Part 1 - Stories

Post-Session: 27

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 27.

Story - Strategy Session

Game Date: 4/18/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Knight of Saint Michael, Eon (Lazarus), Miss Majestic, Thunder

Shortly after the Hippogriff lands at Alcatraz, the base's timeout override system activates and unlocks the security doors. Without power, the armored doors still prove to be a major obstacle to all but Amethyst. She spends the better part of an hour opening doors freeing teammates, guests and staff members. Security teams are posted throughout the base to keep it secure. Asenblut and Vanenspeer volunteer to stay at the base while Amethyst and Lazarus take the Hippogriff to North Bay for a strategy session.

A call is sent using a new encryption algorithm and the backup communications system at North Bay to the vacationing Knight to alert him to the situation.

"What has Prime done, how did he escape, and what is he currently capable of?" asks the Knight.

Miss Majestic explains that Prime started acting strangely then said he had to go see his hairdresser and left. Miss Majestic says that she followed after Prime and was unable to stop him from stealing the Hippogriff. Delta-Vee relates that when he caught up with him over the city, Prime abandoned the VTOL leaving it pilot-less and about to crash into a building. Delta-Vee goes on to explain that he was able to avert the crisis by using the autopilot to take the plane out over the ocean. Lazarus finishes the summary of Prime's misdeeds with the comment that he had crashed the computer systems at the base and the team is currently operating out of North Bay.

Lazarus goes on to say that Prime is now on the run and maybe under the control or influence of someone or something. Miss Majestic points out that Prime has whatever extra-dimensional powers he gained in the lab explosion. His known new powers are teleportation and energy projection and that he also seems to have paranormal genius level abilities with computers and information gathering. Delta-Vee adds he also seems to have sort of ability to transform other objects, possibly living items, to another dimensional equivalent that he has little control over.

Delta-Vee takes the lead and says "While his behavior does seem odder than usual, I'm not one hundred percent convinced that this is due to Prime being under some sort of outside influence, and not just him operating on one of his hare brained ideas. It could also be him just revealing his true nature."

Turning to Amethyst, he states. "Amethyst, I say we contact airports, train stations, bus terminals, etc. and tell them to be on the lookout for Prime. We also need to contact the FSS and the other authorities. Prime is out of control and we need to reel him in. There is a chance that he is going to hurt himself or others. We have a responsibility to contact the authorities to be on the look out for him."

Lazarus chimes in, "Yes, we should contact the FSS. They have the manpower and command facilities to coordinate a controlled search for Prime with the local authorities. After notifying the FFS, we should notify all transportation hubs. Ask them to notify us and observe Prime with out engaging him.

Amethyst not seeming to be truly aware of her surroundings says, "Very much agreed, or is there any way to forbid him from leaving the base?"

Delta-Vee dumbfounded by Amethyst's statement replies, "Amethyst, that train has already left the station. He is out of the base. I just hope we can stop him from leaving the city."

Amethyst shakes her head like she had taken a blow and was trying to recover her senses before responding, "Oops... been out in the sun to long at North Bay, forgot where Prime was...yes, I think we should contact the FSS and see what resources they have available in the area for us to use.

Delta-Vee continues, "I am also in favor of contacting anyone and everyone that we can that could possibly build a cell capable of containing a dimensional traveler and stick Prime in it when we catch him."

"I believe that we should alert those you mentioned," agrees Amethyst. Then suggests, "What about the Knight speaking to the Black Prime?"

"Having to have a discussion with Johan, the Black Prime, is a good idea," agrees Lazarus. "Get his input on the what caused Prime to leave and/or why Prime left."

"Maybe he has something to help our Prime with the issues of not being himself," adds Amethyst.

"Not himself? Is that what is really going on?" asks Delta-Vee. "Are we sure this isn't just something that Prime has been planning since he came to the Wardens representing himself as the real Johan Doyle?"

"Yes, I can see that being a possibility," acknowledges Amethyst.

"Perhaps assigning a surveillance team to watch Johan Doyle would be prudent," offers Lazarus.

"That is something to consider," says Amethyst.

"We can also call in the world's leading scientists including paranormals and request assistance with creating a way to track Prime using something distinctive about him," suggests Lazarus. "It might be possible to track him using the cosmic radiation signature produced by the crystals. He is in possession of one, that should leave a definite signature for tracking."

Upon hearing Lazarus' comment about detecting Prime, Amethyst interjects, "What about using the dimensional energy sensor network? I can get in touch with Dr. Kensington about setting up the network to find Prime."

"Sounds good to me, but it can only sense him when he uses his new powers," responds Delta-Vee.

Leif speaks up, "Unless like some paranormals he has an "energy aura," it can't be seen but can be detected, like Void"

"I am sure the dimensional energy sensors picked up his teleport from the plane," states Miss Majestic. "That will give us a signature to look for and fine tune the sensors to a level to possibly detect lower levels of the energy versus the big spikes from when an active power is used."

"We should begin distributing this technology to better our chances of tracking Prime," states Lazarus.

"The sensors not portable, they are setup in the city. They will help us find him, if he has not left the city," states Amethyst.

"The sensor network will help but I think Delta-Vee is on the right track with notifying the authorities," says Miss Majestic. "I am going to stick with him on this because I don't think we can handle Prime by ourselves."

"We can call in the Wardens Reserve to help with the search," adds Lazarus. "We also need to formulate a plan to capture Prime and as Delta-Vee pointed out earlier we need a means of containing him once we do. Does anyone know of a method, paranormal or otherwise, for blocking his teleport ability?"

"Why do we have to search for him?" questions Miss Majestic. "Whatever the problem is with Prime, I am sure he would come out of hiding with the right stimulus. We could create an extra-dimensional "rift," of course it would be fake but I am sure we could make the signature real enough to catch his attention."

The Knight had listened as his teammates had presented their ideas but they seemed to be missing the key to the situation, Prime was their problem and they needed to take care of it. Bringing in or alerting others would escalate the situation. This could have grave consequences for Prime perhaps deserved, but it would also affect the team maybe as far as having the FSS pull their Radley-Gold charter. The team should not have to pay for the sins of the one. It was time to speak, he knew he was right and that the others would follow his lead.

"As Prime is Prime, we should start a low key search for Prime using dimensional energy sensor network. He has *no* discipline, he can't control his creations and he can't control himself creating creations. Therefore, we should police our own by doing our own search without outside help or interference. We have the resources and know what to look for. It is our responsibility, we will find him and, Miss Majestic, we *can* handle Prime by ourselves."

The final vote showed a divided team, something that the Knight had not expected. They were not going to notify the FSS, other authorities or transportation hubs. They would take care of Prime as a team, but were they really a team? It was a question that would haunt the Knight for sometime to come.

Record Last Changed Date: 6/25/2008

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