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Rogue Prime, Part 1 - Stories

Post-Session: 27

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 27.

Story - Alt-Prime 3.0

Game Date: 4/18/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Alt-Prime

Alt-Prime awakes, seeing the world once more through Prime's eyes once more as cosmic energy flooded his frayed circuitry. Before him rested a shard of the cosmic meteor, the source of the renewing energy. As he quickly pockets the shard, Alt scans the room. Amethyst stood right next to him, watching his every move! Calculating that it was only a matter of time before such close associates of the progenitor realized something is wrong, Alt knew he had to do something. He hurriedly provides the excuse that he had forgotten an appointment. When Amethyst asks what kind of appointment, he replies, "I must depart. I have an appointment with my hairdresser. I may be gone... for some time." Once in the hallway, he contemplates summoning the Erne before calculating that a vehicle of greater speed and range may be necessary to get to a safe distance prior to pursuit. Fortunately, there were two VTOL aircraft at the base.

Bypassing security, extracting the key information necessary for his plans and activating the computer viruses to attack Susan, Adam and Melinda is quickly accomplished. Downloading the necessary flight simulators and instructional manuals takes only a fraction of that time, as the aircraft, rather wobbly, departs from Alcatraz. His initial destination is, as before, Florida but as he travels Alt begins reconsidering this choice. While some useful resources might be present, the destination may have now become predictable due to past activities.

Then the most unfortunate of occurrences occurs, Delta-Vee contacts Alt over the Warden's communicator. With Delta-Vee's superhuman speed, even air travel becomes impractical as a mode of escape. Alt attempts to delay Delta-Vee with assurances as he slows the plane, drops lower, and steers it towards the city. As the plane comes dangerously close to the rooftops, the aft hatch of the plane is opened from the outside. Prime teleports to the safety of a penthouse office as Delta-Vee bursts into the now empty plane.

Predicting that the pilot-less aircraft will at least temporarily delay Delta-Vee's pursuit, Prime scampers his way down the skyscraper's staircase in a series of leaps and bounds as he reformulates his plan to take into account the new variables. Delta-Vee's speed makes flight problematic. The Wardens have extensive resources; surveillance satellites, law enforcement contacts, federal support and there is always the possibility that backup copies of Prime's cosmic-energy sensor designs survived his purge of the base's datafiles.

As he dashes through the skyscraper's lobby, he spies his target. An empty delivery van parked right outside. With a soft bamph, Alt teleports inside. A few jiggers from the screwdriver in his lab coat's pocket, a bit of nibbling, and a twisted wire is all he needs before his tail pushes the accelerator to the floor and he merges haphazardly into traffic.

Upon seeing that the pilot-less plane has not crashed into the middle of the city, Prime decides he has a little time to gather resources. Parking outside a Radio Shack, he begins a rapid-fire series of teleports, grabbing needed equipment off the shelves and dumping it into the van before the startled employees' realize what is happening.

Stomping on the accelerator with his tail, Prime speeds off through the city streets, casually steering the van with a single foot as his hands rapidly begin assembling the components into a satellite communications link. With the last piece in place, Prime plugs the device into his visor and lets out a soft sigh of relief as data begins flooding into his circuitry once more.

First things first, a computer virus is planted to ensure that if the van is reported stolen its identifying characteristics will be regularly randomized. Then the establishment of a fake identity, "Doctor Reginald D'Earth" and a front company, "Red Earth Enterprises" is quickly followed by the massive misappropriation and redirection of funds from several major offshore bank accounts into new personal and corporate accounts for both. Next, a bid for the purchase of a light industrial facility and warehouse on the waterfront is sent to the realtor, a buyout offer for a small California based electronics manufacturer is made and the hiring, with a prepaid retainer to eliminate any questions, of a headhunting firm to hire needed staff for Red Earth Enterprises is completed.

Only then does Alt think to check to see if his little Florida experiment has been successful... and finds it has. Despite the precipitous nature of Alt's departure, Lincoln has succeeded in gathering resources, followers, and technology. Most impressive. Alt uploads a new primary directive, "Failsafe," and several new blueprints into Lincoln. Then, just in case, diverts a few million to bank accounts accessible to the Tophats. Hopefully Alt's efforts to flee the city will be successful. But if not, the Tophats can provide a handy backup plan for his eventual liberation.

Deeming the major threats to his freedom temporarily diverted, Alt parks the van in an isolated seldom-used alley and waits patiently for legal turn-over of the industrial/warehouse facility to Red Earth Enterprises to be completed. A few days later, keys are waiting in the small key-pad lockbox mounted on its side door. Finally, Stage 2 could begin. Alt yawns as he begins ordering a long laundry-list of equipment for priority delivery.

Alt carefully ponders his next step from the comfort of his new office. The primary obstacles to his escape are the government contacts, resources, and support the Wardens' enjoy and the unearthly speed of Delta-Vee. Therefore, both will need to be somehow neutralized.

To discredit the Wardens both in the public's eye and more importantly the government's eye but how? Then Alt remembers the 'Sludge Report', a website that the progenitor had created. It enjoys a surprising amount of credibility due to the accuracy of its stories on corporate malfeasance. Alt's eyes narrow thoughtfully as he modifies and uploads stories on some of the more controversial of the Wardens' activities in recent years. The first story is about the team working with a South American based fascist organization with historical ties to Nazi Germany. The next details the recruitment of members of a fascist society in a battle-torn neighboring dimension, the Kronians. The third is about the recruitment of a paranormal created by a Secret Society of Eugenics Scientists that are/were experimenting on healthy normal college students in their quest to create a race of super-men, Delta-Vee.

Alt ponders a moment. No... clearly such stories will be insufficient on their own to achieve desired effect. The public and the government will want something more substantial. Ah, Yes... Alt smirks as he alters banking records to show a history of poorly concealed private donations and foundation grants from the Wardens and the Alcatraz Foundation to neo-nazi organizations throughout North America and posts the 'discovery' on the website. The story should be sufficient to at smear the Wardens' reputation in the public eye as well as at least temporarily interfere with the Wardens' government ties.

Alt is puzzled several hours later to find the story has been removed from the website. He is even more puzzled when he finds he can no longer access the website and that it has been moved to a private secure web server as well as all of the Internet domain name servers having been redirected to point at the new web server. Alt tries to seize the domain name back from the domain registrar only to find that the domain registration has also been moved to a private secure web server. Alt writes an algorithm and unleashes the automated process to break the encryption on the private secure web server so that he can regain control of the website.

Next he turns to the issue of Delta-Vee. Fortunately, Alt is well aware of his weakness, Boost. Alt builds a routine to hack into the phone system and leave a voice-altered message for Randy McLeod on the Wardens phone system. The message will be traceable to the Linezers Klinika hospital in Latvia and say that Mark Owens has been found extremely ill, in a semi-conscious state, lying in a ditch along side the Riga roadway and has requested Randy's presence during a brief period of lucidity. Alt sets the routine to trigger when signaled, a hole card to pull when needed.

A week and a half later, Alt decides all possible precautions have been taken. The full-extent of his scientific and computer skill has gone into devising multiple back-up plans for all the most probable outcomes. The warehouse has become a self-sustaining labyrinth of machinery. Cybernetic implants will ensure the workers left to man it will fulfill their programmed duties while a expert system based on his own design with the primitive technology available at short notice, will oversee operations in his absence.

It is time to make a break for freedom...

Record Last Changed Date: 6/25/2008

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