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Rogue Prime, Part 2 - Stories

Post-Session: 28

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 28.

Story - Prime, President of the United Earth

Game Date: 5/25/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

One morning, Prime's mouth falls open as an autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt transforms into The History of Prime, President of the United Earth with a touch of dimensional energy. Eagerly he begins pawing through the pages.

It is all there. His childhood. His early work with Professor Herbert. The experiment that transforms him. But... then it goes wrong. It told of years of struggle before he is able to return to his own dimension following the misfired experiment. How his experience in the 'future' has led him to seize control of the United States using an army of unstoppable robotic minions and paranormals enslaved with cybernetic implants. Then, he, apparently, goes on to enslave the world. Thus sparking a new order of peace and prosperity. Well, Prime thinks, that didn't sound too bad...

He flips further on. Brutally crushes attempted revolutions. Well, that isn't quite what he had hoped to read...

Forces the evolution of the top one percent of the population and the creation of a permanent ruling class. Now, that really doesn't seem quite proper...

A mass revolt that results in 90% of the Earth being rendered uninhabitable and the surviving elite fleeing the planet, leaving humanity's few survivors to scratch out a pitiful existence in a desolate radioactive wasteland. Now, that really isn't a good ending to the story...

Prime frowns deeply as he considers the situation, then quickly sticks the book under his pillow, whistling innocently as he waits for the book to revert to its original form. So, maybe it was a lucky thing the Wardens had ended up with him in that 'other' future dimension after all...

Record Last Changed Date: 8/22/2008

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