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Rogue Prime, Part 2 - Stories

Post-Session: 28

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 28.

Story - The Visit

Game Date: 5/27/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime, Knight of Saint Michael

It is a bit frustrating. Waking up in this small windowless room day after day without anyone bothering to explain exactly why he was here or what he might have done. Every time he had asked one of the security staff about it, they had told him that the Wardens would be in to talk with him about it. What could have happened that had been so bad that they were keeping him locked up without any contact with the outside world?

Prime sifts aimlessly through the pile of books with his left foot. Finally he picks up a copy of a Piers Anthony Xanth novel and transforms it into... another Xanth novel. He grinds his teeth for a moment, then tosses the book aside and makes another selection. This time he is rewarded with a copy of The Recorded Oral History of the Sentient Spiders of Pre-Columbian South America. He begins flipping curiously through the pages, keeping an ear out in case one of those frustratingly absent Wardens decides to finally pay him a visit.

As the Knight steps into the guard room next to the 'observation room' both of the security staff members on duty rise to greet him. The sergeant on duty advises the Knight that Prime had been asking about why he was here again.

The Knight marches over to the door of the 'observation room.' Opening the small observation window, he peers into the room to find Prime sitting on his bed reading. At the sound of the observation window opening Prime looks up to see the Knight peering in.

The Knight seeing a questioning look on the pretentious primate's face calmly announces, "You hijacked the Hippogriff. You almost crashed it into a building, causing Delta-Vee *much* distress."

Prime sits quietly trying to figure out why taking the Hippogriff for a harmless test drive and having a minor bit of pilot error, that caused his copilot, Delta-Vee based on the Knight's pronouncement, to have to take over the controls was such a bad thing. It was a minor error.

"You took over a laser tag arena and put minors at risk."

The next charge is even more ludicrous thinks Prime. Exactly how punking a bunch of teenagers at laser tag had put them 'at risk' was a bit confusing. Maybe he was so good at laser tag that he had scored a major blow to the children's self-esteem?

"God only knows what computerized robotics you created and let loose."

Once again the Knight showing his penchant for hyperbole. One bad incident with robots and now anytime he did something it had to involve runaway robots.

"You have much to answer for."

Really it didn't sounds like he did, thinks Prime.

Prime scratches his head and seeing the Knight closing the small observation window in the door attempts to answer back before Knight can get out of earshot, "Soooo, I was learning to fly the Pegasus and Delta-Vee had to take over the controls then I beat some kids at a game of laser tag? That's the only reason I'm here? Well, that really doesn't seem to justify this restriction on my freedom. Besides which, as a being with superhuman intellect and dexterity, I should have no problem flying any sort of airplane. That's simply common sense!"

There was no reply other than the echo of footsteps receding down the hallway.

Prime sighs and picks up his book only to find that the tales of the sentient spiders had reverted back to a history of Spanish exploration in the Americas.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/22/2008

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