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Rogue Prime, Part 2 - Stories

Post-Session: 28

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 28.

Story - When Good Books Go Bad

Game Date: 6/7/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

As the security camera feed into Prime's 'observation room' goes out yet again, Jack rises from his chair and heads over to the thick steel door leading to Prime's room. He listens for a moment to the metallic clangs then nods to himself. That is more like it. He expects Prime to bang on the walls and complain like a rapid hyena about the accommodations. All that quiet reading and patient waiting Prime has been doing lately was really starting to freak him out. Though facts are scarce, there were some weird rumors passing around the base about the little monkey having been possessed by aliens or something like that. And, he certainly wasn't acting like a hyperactive chipmunk on speed, which had been his usual state.

Jack activates the sensors in his visor as he prepares to open the door. This is why the Wardens pay their security staff big bucks - just for this kind of situation. He puts one hand on his holstered blaster and carefully cracks open the small observation window in the door.

What appears to be a large book - if a book had lots of three-inch thick spike-covered tentacles and its cover was ringed with a double-row of pointed fangs - is whirling Prime around the near the ceiling in a big circle as it rampages over the room's meager furnishings. As the book pauses in its mayhem, it shifts in such a manner that Jack 'felt' it is somehow looking at him, even though nothing resembling eyes could be seen on the thing, Jack slams the observation window shut. He tries to make a radio call but all he gets is static.

When the banging stops about a minute later, Jack cautiously opens the observation window once more. He sees Prime fast asleep atop a pile of pages torn from a now dismembered cookbook. Jack closes the observation window for a final time and quietly pondered how he was going to fill out this report... Charlie was on a food run and if it wasn't for the recordings of the event, he is sure that no one would believe him.


Incident Report

Originator: Jack Murphy, Security Section Corporal, Observation Post: Papa

Current Orders: Maintain Surveillance of Prime. Report Any Unusual Activity.

Observed Threat Level of Incident: Orange

Containment of Incident: Maintained

Description of Incident

Electronic surveillance cameras and monitoring system failed. Approached secured observation room, where I heard repeated impacts on the walls of the room’s interior. Taking standard precautions, I opened the security observation window in the door. Thereupon, I observed Prime being attacked by an unidentified creature. Creature roughly resembled a book, but had a lot of three-inch thick spike-covered tentacles and its cover was ringed with rows of pointed fangs. The creature had Prime suspended near the ceiling by two of the tentacles and was whirling him around the perimeter of the room at high speed. The creature appeared to have scattered several hundred pages of a typewritten pages. The creature then appeared to become alerted to my presence, so I re-secured the room. My comm unit appeared to be malfunctioning, so I maintained a visual surveillance of the room’s only exit awaiting the return of my partner from his perimeter patrol. After the audible disturbance ceased, I again opened the security observation window in the door. The creature was no longer present. No trace of it remained. Prime was observed sleeping on top of a pile of torn pages from an unidentified book.


Jack Murphy peruses the incident report one final time, then, as instructed, forwards a copy to each of the Wardens. Someone was going to get into trouble over this. He hopes it won’t be him...

After his shift, he stops by the debriefing room and finds the Knight of St. Michael reading his report. The Knight asks him a few questions then thanks Jack for the report and says that he will look into the incident.

Jack sighs as he leaves the base and boards the launch headed for the mainland. That had gone easier than he had thought it would. He makes a mental note to grab some food for his collie and the fish on his way home and also to check up on his deadbeat brother to find out if Mike had paid off his bookie with the money that Jack had given him.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/22/2008

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