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A Jury of His Peers - Stories

Post-Session: 29

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 29.

Story - Loose Ends, Stage 1

Game Date: 6/13/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

The saucer flickered through the narrow alleyways, its motions barely visible as a soft shimmering in the air as its cloaking field adapted to the changing colors and patterns of its environment. As its target came into view, a soft barely audible hum began as its energy beam capacitors began to charge. Hovering in its target's blind spot, it fired. A pencil-thin beam of dark green energy struck the target mid-spine.

Prime happily tapped away on his modified Gametoy as he scampered down a side alley towards Big Eddy's Pizza and Gumbo Buffet for their Tuesday 'All You Can Eat' special as he felt a sharp pain in the back. He idly slapped at the spot and continued on his way. Perhaps he'd run across a mutant flea capable of piercing his thick hide...

The small hovering saucer ducked behind a garbage bin as its capacitor recharged. The target was not reacting as predicted. To verify the results, the saucer fired another beam of green energy, this time targeting the back of the target's neck.

Prime whirled as he felt another sharp pain. His alert eyes scanned the alley. Nothing. He waited a moment. Then, grumbling once again about no-good dirty alley fleas, he continued on his way.

Results were negative. Perhaps greater distance between impact and the target's brain was necessary. This time, the saucer targeted the very tip of Prime's tail.

Prime instinctively stuck the tip of his tail in his mouth as he glared angrily about. Realizing what he was doing, Prime pulled his tail back out and angrily shouted, "Okay! That is just about enough! Whoever you are, show yourself!!!"

When nothing happened, Prime dexterously leaped up onto an alley wall and looked downward - wait - was that a faint plume of smoke? Prime leapt down and examined the smoke's source - a six inch wide and four inch tall hole burned through the wooden planks of the alley wall. Prime peered into the darkness, but all he saw was a homeless man curled up in a pile of old newspaper. Prime shoved a dumpster up against the hole, wedged its wheels with a couple rocks, and continued on his way. Must have been someone's idea of a joke...

The tiny saucer darted over rooftops as it made its way back to small industrial warehouse and ducked in through a roof mounted vent. Inside, the warehouse was filled with the labyrinth of complex machinery needed to maintain the fragment of Alt's consciousness that had been left behind in case Alt's escape attempt failed. This fragment, far more limited than its creator, now simply called itself 'Frag'.

And Frag was most curious to download the results of its first attempt to fulfill its prime directive.

Frag ran over the results. While not cosmic energy, the saucer's energy cannon had been designed to produce a 'compatible' wavelength that could safely be absorbed by Prime and used to fuel his aura. Clearly, the intensity of the beam had proven insufficient to trigger the 're-emergence' of the Alt personality. It was time to move on to stage 2.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/22/2008

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