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A Jury of His Peers - Stories

Post-Session: 29

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 29.

Story - At the Doctor's Office

Game Date: 6/15/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Delta-Vee

Randy sat in Dr. Rebecca Miller's office waiting for her to come in. Today was the day she was going to discuss with him the results of her tests and the data on the disks from Dr. Martin. Hearing the door open, Randy stands and turns to look at the doctor as she comes in.

"Sit down, please Randy." Dr. Miller sets her notes down on her desk as she sits down and pulls up files on her computer. "Well, the good news is that the glow appears to just be light and not anything likely to be mutagenic to anyone, and you appear to be in no danger of dying from what is happening, and the mutations appear to be benign."

"Your body seems to be moving from a chemical basis for sustaining itself to an energy basis. I'm still not one hundred percent sure what kind of energies you are absorbing to sustain yourself. You don't actually need food, water or oxygen anymore. Your lungs and digestive track still appear to be functioning, so I'd recommend keeping your suit for missions. Though technically, you don't really need it to survive at altitude, underwater or in space. The seals should keep out most toxins and bio-hazards, and the air supply will facilitate communications in non-gaseous environments."

"According to the files that you gave me, your test results with me match Dr. Martin's tests fairly closely. At the moment, I'm inclined to say that the deviations are due to further changes in your biology, rather than deliberate misinformation on his part. Even so, I will be treating all of the data I've collected as your base line."

Dr. Miller leans back in her chair, "medically speaking, the worst news is that I have no idea ultimately, where all these changes are going, and according to his notes neither did Dr. Martin. Your initial responses to his treats were above his expectations. He didn't expect your coordination, agility and reaction times to improve as much as they did, or you to be able to handle as much energy. There was actually one area where you under performed, he expected to see some increase in your strength, which did not occur. Everything that occurred around last December was a surprise to him."

"The truly distressing things, have very little to do with your current medical condition, but some of the other information in the files you got from Dr. Martin. Did you know that," she makes air quotes with her fingers here, "the supplements he gave you, were actually a drug who's sole purpose was to make you physically addicted to it? No, I see from your reaction you didn't. Well, nothing to worry about now. It seems the changes have taken care of that already. If you have any left, I'd like to examine them."

"There is one more issue, the process you went through, the attempt to control you through addiction, Dr. Martin's sudden and mysterious disappearance, and such have some similarities to cases involving some other paranormals. Most of them had ended up doing several criminal and/or immoral acts under pressure from the people that conducted the procedures to give them powers. I suspect someone had intended to use you in some way. I'd have to do some more research on those other cases, before I could be sure that the same individuals are behind your case as theirs."

"So what you are saying is that you think Prime might have been right? Great, it isn't like he isn't already a smug little bastard."

The Doctor shakes her head. "Prime is what and who he is, and that isn't really the point. Do you still want me to provide a report to the Wardens on everything?"

Randy smiles, "Yeah, I do. I pretty much have to after some positions I've taken with the Wardens. Still, just send it to the Knight and Amethyst, please, if you e-mail it cc me, so that I know when they've gotten it."

Randy collects up his copies of the documentation and heads out.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/22/2008

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