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A Jury of His Peers - Stories

Post-Session: 29

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 29.

Story - Prime Volunteers to Help the Military

Game Date: 6/16/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

General Yorick Hearthstone's cheap sheet metal desk wobbled as he leaned back to review his latest plea for funding for a deep space sensor network. It was not noticeably different from the hundreds of prior letters he had sent off since he had become saddled with Defense Advance Research Projects Agency 's tiny under funded Project: Blue Sun. With the constant threat of interdimensional invaders, rogue paranormals and supervillain organizations and the simple fact that, to the best knowledge of humanity, aliens had never actually invaded the earth and may not even exist had relegated his project to one of DARPA's lowest priorities.

As he began printing off copies of his latest missive, his antiquated printer jammed, once again. With long habit, he pulled a dull slightly bent butter knife from his rattling desk drawer and pried free the offending crumpled mass of paper, then went back to reading his incoming mail. Something different caught his eye this time. Among the usual letters from cranks and self-proclaimed alien abductees, it appeared a paranormal had paid them a visit and wanted to volunteer his services. He read further down, Lieutenant Harvis had performed the initial interview.

General Hearthstone hit his intercom and informed his secretary, Corporal Rebecca Pieser, that he wished to see Lt. Harvis immediately regarding the paranormal volunteer. Hearthstone leaned back in his chair and considered the situation. To the best of his knowledge, his project was the only one in DARPA not to have some type of paranormal assistance.

Lt. Harvis entered with a large cardboard box clutched in both hands. When he set it down on Hearthstone's desk, the thin metal surface noticeably bowed.

Hearthstone frowned as he saw the damage, "Just what is in that box, lieutenant? My secretary should have informed you that I wished to speak to you regarding the new volunteer. All you needed to bring was his evaluation report."

Harvis cleared his throat nervously, then continued, "Begging your pardon, sir. But when Mr. Prime came in, he brought with him some very interesting materials. It turns out he has invented a number of devices with potential military application, has been performing research on an extra-terrestrial energy source of potential alien manufacture, brought manuscripts providing information on alien invasions of Earths in highly similar alternate dimensions, and brought a number of books describing completely new scientific theories that he claims originated in other dimensions."

Hearthstone frowned even deeper, "Just how did he acquire these materials, Harvis? Is he another one of those damn interdimensional jay-walkers? If so, you know we'll never be able to keep the stuff. The Extra-Dimensional Studies Group has congressional support and influence that our tiny project can't hope to match."

Harvis shook his head, "No sir, he brought test results that show he is indeed native to this dimension. But, it appears he does have the power to transform objects into their 'equivalent' in another dimension. He demonstrated on a number of books, then on a rifle and an Armalar vest. Unfortunately, the result is rather random and a matter of trial and error, but think of the possibilities! Even better sir, no one outside the Wardens knows that he possesses this ability!"

Hearthstone's brow quirked, "What do the Wardens have to do with our volunteer?"

Harvis gulped, then explained, "Prime is a member of the Wardens, sir. He said he views his work with them as very important, but is volunteering all his available free time to assist us and has even offered to help fund our project through income generated from both his pre-existing and future patents and copyrights. Think about it, sir. With his abilities, that could potentially generate millions, even billions. We might finally be able to afford that deep space sensor network we've been talking about for years."

Hearthstone nodded slowly, "You're right... it might just do the trick. Okay Harvis, lets bring this Prime into the fold. Try out his potential with some of the theoretical discussion groups to start with. Then see how his technical skills measure up on one of the low priority projects. But, I don't want him to know too much about us at first. Frankly, I don't completely trust those Wardens. They have far too much government influence for my taste. Speak to one of our Silicon Valley contractors or research groups for use of their facilities as a research facility for Prime. That should work for now and see about getting a trust set up for the income from his copyrights and patents. We can divert some of those funds to lease the facilities from the contractors, because our budget closet is pretty much bare. For the time being, you'll be our project's liaison to him."

Harvis replied, "Yes sir, I'll start the process rolling this afternoon."

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