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A Jury of His Peers - Stories

Post-Session: 29

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 29.

Story - Loose Ends, Stage 2

Game Date: 6/18/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Prime basked in the sunlight as he sipped his ice-cold banana smoothie, his body automatically converting the solar and chemical energy into the dimensional energies that permeated his every cell. As he let the light wash over him, Prime reflected on how narrow his viewpoint had been just a few short months ago. The very idea that there was a single evolutionary path that mankind was destined to follow or a single method to advance upon that pathway, he now realized, was sheer follow. Throughout the multiverse, humanity was as varied in form, function, and destiny as the stars in the night sky or snowflakes in a winter blizzard.

Prime shook his head sadly as he remembered the hubris of his past - and the chaos his misguided views had caused. Such wasted effort. Thank goodness he had put such things behind him and learned to focus on what was truly important. The continued military supremacy of the United States and the resulting planetary security it provided.

As Prime took another long sip of his drink, a flash of green from across the bay caught his eye. As he leaned forward, a massive wall of green energy bulldozed into him, shattering his lawn chair as it hurled him backwards. Prime felt like he was trying to surf a tidal wave as it propelled him through the air. As he slammed into a brick chimney, he finally felt himself wading through the beam of energy like he was swimming through a pond filled with molasses. Prime finally emerged, scorched and bruised, but still alive and fell panting to the floor. Weakly, he pawed at his Warden's communicator only to discover it had been melted by the attack. Cursing softly, he finally let the blackness of unconsciousness take him.

The thermal grenade hidden within exploded as the cannon discharged the last of its stored energy. The cannon, cleverly disguised as an air-conditioning unit, melted into a pool of plastic and metal that burned its way down four stories before cooling. Meanwhile, a tiny cloaked saucer hovered in sensor range just long enough to record the unsuccessful result.

When Frag played back the recorded data, he was as disappointed as an emotionless expert operating system following a pre-programmed tactical agenda could be. The weapon designs had been theoretical. The energy's compatibility with Prime's cosmic aura uncertain. It now appeared that only a genuine cosmic crystal would prove sufficient to re-energize Prime's cosmic aura and reawaken Alt. Briefly Frag considered re-establishing its connection to the internet to check to see if Alt had left new instructions, but determined such an action was not yet necessary. Alt had left behind detailed blueprints of the Warden base's defenses and the last known location of the remaining cosmic crystals. It was merely a matter of waiting until all the Wardens simultaneously departed their base before sending in sufficient force to recover one or more of the crystals. Frag had all the time in the world and Prime was essentially immortal. Only if a cosmic crystal proved insufficient to reawaken Alt would deviation from the original plan become necessary...

Record Last Changed Date: 8/22/2008

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