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A Jury of His Peers - Stories

Post-Session: 29

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 29.

Story - Eternal Torments

Game Date: 6/20/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

It is long tunnel filled with a haze which refracts light in a disturbing way. He walks slowly hearing voices but no single conversation being distinguishable. On every surface of the tunnel he watches various scenes of his life played out before him. Some appearing to be reflective memories at first then becoming increasingly disturbing as the memories replay some of the darkest times in his considerable history. "I wonder if this is what is known as my life flashing before my eyes"

The first scene he remembers is a young man, barely 20, bleeding in arms. Dressed in the style that would later be associated with the Middle Dynasty period of Egyptian history, the boy was ruler of his kingdom and more importantly his friend. He remembers finding him, throat slit and heart pierced with a traditional assassin's blade. The life long gone from his frail form there was nothing he could do for him. "I should have protected him" he mutters, "Why do they all die? Why am I not able to stop the eventuality of fate? Is my purpose to solely observe?" he notices he is speaking louder and louder until his voice almost becomes a scream. "I am doing all I can, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!!!"

The movement in the tunnel picks up, each scene now depicting a moment in time where he has witnessed the passing of someone, sometimes close, sometimes not knowing their name at all, but equally haunting. He breaks down, dropping to his knees he begins to sob, screaming at the top of his lungs to fend off the waves of memories washing over him. At that moment he is once again at the gallows, where his beloved Katherine swings lifelessly in front of him. He looks at her, his mind reeling from the onslaught of imagery. Her eyes open and wordlessly she mouths, "Why Ambrose, why?" With those Lazarus cuts loose with an earth shattering scream, clinching his eyes closed tight to shut out the world...

He opens his eyes to find, his room, the bed is literally soaked with sweat and tears.

The door is beeping and intercom ringing with an urgency. "Sir are you alright?" asked the guard from the door. "I am fine, thank you, just stubbed my toe on something." Lazarus chides himself for not finding a more believable excuse. The intercom buzzes again, he hears the familiar voice of Amethyst on the other end. "Is everything ok? The monitoring station said they were picking up loud screams from your room." she asks.

"I am fine, thank you, sorry to have disturbed you. I am going out for while. Use the comm if you need to reach me."

He quickly picks up his journal and begins putting the events to paper before they fade. Shaking his head he asks himself silently "Why do people find sleep useful?"

After transcribing the events of his nightmares into his book he showers and cleans himself up. Donning the guise of his doctor persona he ventures into the night to perform his rounds. One day maybe he will be able to balance the scales of a lifetime.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/22/2008

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