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A Jury of His Peers - Stories

Post-Session: 29

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 29.

Story - Scattered Memories

Game Date: 6/22/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Time passed almost imperceptibly to Judah. He walked the streets and made his usual rounds this time though deciding to deviate from his normal routine. He glanced at his watch, "10:30 where does the time go?" he mused to himself. It had been almost 18 hours since he left the base to do his work. This was far longer than his usual ventures of 8-10 hours though he knew not what fatigue and being tired was like.

Looking at the street signs he blinked the light into focus, Parnassus Ave it read. He walks toward the large building and enters the front foyer proceeding to the security desk. "Dr. Ambrose here to consult." putting forth the acting and guile experience he had to use on the guard. The guard after a moment checks his credentials and sees nothing wrong with them, "Welcome Doctor, you will find the patients on the fourth floor, have a pleasant stay." Lucky for Judah the night shift guards are not too motivated for their positions.

He rides the elevator to the fourth floor and looks at the empty hallways, striding to the end he finds an office labeled "Dr. Owen M. Wolkowitz - Neuroendocrinology."

After manipulating the lock for a moment he is able to enter the office. Looking through the materials in his office he reviews some of the latest work on stress and chemical effects on the brain seeking an answer to why these memories continue to haunt him. Most of the language is above his understanding but he sees where some patients have been treated recently with new drug therapies with positive results.

Judah quickly uses the copier to make duplicates of the material he believes useful and places the paperwork back in its place.

Just as Judah emerges from the office and closes the door quietly, a feminine voice shocks him out of his contemplations, "Excuse me but you do not look like Dr. Wolkowitz", he turns to see a very attractive redhead wearing a doctor's coat. "I am so sorry I am not used to the place and am looking for the restroom. Guess I took a wrong turn." He lies to her quietly hoping she will not ask too many questions. She looks at his badge "Dr. Judah Ambrose from the CDC - San Francisco division, well Dr. Ambrose why are you visiting our facility at almost midnight and in a head doctor's office?" her voice obviously not believing his ignorance completely. Judah replied attempting to use some of his charm to warm the lady up "I honestly got turned around Dr... I realized I do not know your name..." Her reply cold and calculated "Dr. Deborah Barnes but you may call me Dr. Barnes." "Well Dr. Barnes if you would be so kind as to place me on the correct path I really need to use the facilities." She turns and walks him down the hall about half way, "here" she says pointing to the overly obvious Men's sign.

Judah waits in the restroom for a few minutes calming himself, cleaning up his hair and adjusting his disguise to reveal little if possible. He emerges to find his new guide waiting. "I was asked to consult on some of the patients you have admitted recently and to see if their respective maladies could be potentially dangerous to the public in an infectious manner." She looks him over again, "At midnight? Isn't kind of late for an examination?"

Chuckling Judah disarms her "Dr. Barnes as I am sure you are aware the CDC does have complete authority and providence to investigate these issues seeing as they could be a potentially epidemic level contagion." Blinking at the forceful response she submits and turns silently towards the ward. "Please be as brief as you can Dr. Ambrose" the monotone in voice all too obvious.

After a short walk they reach the ward, entering slowly Judah looks around at the various rooms. He walks to the first, second, then third door, reading the chart he sees "Blunt force trauma, semi vegetative state." He nods and she opens the door. Looking over the patient he sees the significant dent in the cranium towards the frontal lobes. "Could you please get me a flashlight to check retinal response?" he hears the doctor leaving the room, when she is gone he attempts to heal the patients injury. The healing energies flow to his hands and then into the man, as the wound begins to transfer over something begins to feel very wrong, memories begin to flash into his head and in front of his eyes. Thoughts and memories he does not recognize flood his perceptions until he screams. He comes to sitting in a corner of the room sweat again is noticeable on his jacket. The image of the red haired doctor filling his view, "Are you alright? Doctor Ambrose, Doctor AMBROSE?" he struggles to stand, propping himself on her for support.

Looking over at the man strapped to the bed Judah sees his eyes are beginning to flutter open, "Water..." Judah speaks weakly. The doctor rushes from the room to fetch some water for Judah, he walks over to the man still semiconscious and places a medallion in his hand. Walking out into the hallway he sees Dr. Barnes returning with his water, taking the cup from her hand he drinks it quickly. "Dr. Barnes what else was that patient here for?" looking confused for a moment she reviews the patient's chart. "He was injured almost 6 months ago in a battle between the Wardens and some creatures. Apparently he is one of the patients on the new test drug Xypherdan. It is supposed to rebuild synaptic pathways and promote cell regeneration in the brain.

Judah nods and asks her to get the on-call list for the doctor, as she goes off, he find the stairwell and descends to the bottom floor. Upon reaching the ground floor he exits using a side exit, oblivious to the fire alarm that activates 30 seconds later. He walks two blocks then hails a cab to the base. While en-route he comms the base and request transport meet him at the docks immediately.

Finally reaching the docks he boards the transport and rides it quietly to the base. Judah makes his way to the infirmary, at one AM the place is deserted. He goes to the nurse on duty and nearly falling down from exhaustion, "Get the doc... tor... plllllleeeezzzzzzz" as the blackness starts to takes him. The last thing that Judah hears is the note of alarm in the nurse's voice as he slumps to the ground.

As Lazarus lays in the bed, the tunnel vision returns with increase intensity. Visions of past lives, tragic deaths and endless loss overwhelm his senses. His unconscious form writhes in unknown torment. Dr. Rebecca Miller looks at her patient, the readings show that his paranormal healing ability is working on his wounds. They also show hyper-brain activity in a high REM state. She finalizes her notes and asks the nurse to make sure they are forwarded to the other Wardens.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/22/2008

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