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A Jury of His Peers - Stories

Post-Session: 29

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 29.

Story - Prime and the 'Secret' Military Laboratory

Game Date: 6/27/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Prime carefully looked over the massive metallic sphere, examining its surface for cracks. Then, he slowly inserted one paw into the thick plastic sleeve that led into its interior. Peering through a thick panel of hardened transparent plastic he triggered the release on the sleeve that caused a small dime-sized opening just big enough for Prime's pinky finger to open. Prime gently touched the book that rested inside the armored sphere and allowed enough dimensional energy to flow from his pinky to trigger its transformation.

Hastily, Prime pulled his arm free and checked the sensors. No radiation or hazardous substances detected. Good. Prime cracked open the sphere and pulled out the book, carefully placing it on a modifier scanner. In a matter of seconds, each of its pages were scanned, encrypted, and stored on DVD. Prime then retrieved the book and placed it in a heavy lead-lined padded bin along with the seventy-three other books he had transformed so far that morning.

Only then did Prime look over to the fully enclosed transparent cube in which Dr. Alfonso Spheris, the Warden-appointed scientist who had been assigned to 'monitor' Prime's research activities within the Warden's base, quietly sat. "That's all for now, Dr. Spheris. I'll be heading back over to my room to go over today's data."

Spheris yawned, "Do you think you will be do any experiments today, Prime?"

Prime simply shook his head, "Don't see the point when all it takes to reap the secrets of the multiverse is to transform a few books. Feel free to use the laboratory facilities for that research paper of yours if you like. I'll see you tomorrow."

Prime plucked the encrypted DVD from the scanner and headed back to his private bedroom, whistling a merry tune along the way. Once he got there, he pulled out his non-networked jury-rigged PDA and quickly began reading through today's haul, tagging each book as potentially publishable material, material suitable for submission to DARPA to assist in military research, or junk to be deleted. A quick tap of a series of keys caused a small laser to inscribe the encrypted DARPA data along the edge of a simple copper penny.

Slipping the penny into his coat pocket, along with all of the other pennies from the last four days of research, Prime quietly left the Warden's base.

After a few cursory errands, Prime detoured to a small alley, parked his scooter and knocked on a metal door. A man opened the door and took the scooter inside. A couple of minutes later the black government car stopped and picked up the anxiously pacing primate.

A few minutes later the car dropped him off in front of an abandoned warehouse. Prime walked into an open door on the loading dock, stood on top of a freshly painted red X. Then, he simply teleported straight downward 30 feet and walked up the short narrow tunnel to an armored security door. Placing his hand onto a palm scanner caused the door to slide open. With a grin, Prime entered the branch research lab of DARPA's Project: Blue Sun.

Nodding in greeting to Lieutenant Harvis, Prime began scanning the data from the pennies into the lab's computer. "Picked up a few interesting texts the past few days, one of which identifies that strange crystalline shell that had been found outside of Chicago. Turns out that is the 'shell' of a Klaggon Spore Mother. The Klaggon are a hive-mind that found a way to psychically project its spores through the dimensional barrier. The spore mothers are completely transparent in the visible light spectrum capable of detection by the human eye, but thermal vision gear should do the trick. Fortunately, the spore mothers are herbivores without any natural defenses other than camouflage. They also have a very adverse reaction to copper salts, so I would suggest loading up some shotgun shells with cuperic sulfate crystals. You'd probably want to let the Department of Inter-Dimensional Threat Monitoring and Assessment know they only have about seventeen days since the time it hatched before it lays a half-million eggs, all but a half-dozen of which will be ravenous carnivorous hunter drones."

Harvis gulped as he began quickly typing out a high priority email. "Wasn't that shell found over a week ago..."

Prime woke when he heard his name being called repeatedly. It was the driver telling him that had arrived. He looked up to see Lt. Harvis waiting at the door of the building. Prime got out of the car and headed inside.

Prime walked over to his desk and began scanning the data from the pennies into the lab's computer. Next, he flipped through the incoming memos. "Oh, let General Hearthstone know that I've been thinking about that problem with the deep space sensor net. Namely, any incoming starship would likely be traveling faster than or at least near the speed of light. I've been able to identify three potential ways in which the sensors may be able to solve the light-speed problem. If each sensor was equipped with a gravity-flux generator, the minor changes in gravitational force produced would be detectable instantly on Earth. However, that would require each sensor be equipped with a small core of super-dense matter which would be essentially impossible to lift into orbit from Earth. The immense pressures involved in such matter's creation would make any machine sent out to compact it from asteroids very unreliable. Alternatively, we could use a dimensional pin-hole generator to punch tiny openings into another dimension where light travels much faster. However, that would run the risk of firing a high-power laser beam through a sentient being's dimension and potentially weaken the dimensional barrier. The best course of action would be to simply use paired intertwined molecules. Early experiments in that technology were conducted by IBM as far back as the late 1990's. I'll write up a proposal and some preliminary specs for such a system this afternoon."

Harvis nodded and started typing another email, "So, have you let the Warden's know you're working with us now?"

Prime shook his head, "Unfortunately, they have become a rather paranoid lot as of late. It would be better to keep it a secret for a little while longer."

Harvis shrugged, "Well, I suppose you know them best."

Prime nodded sadly, "True enough. Why, when I talked with Eon about wanting to volunteer my services to you, he actually suggested you'd dissect me! Can you imagine?"

Harvis deeply frowned, "What does he think we are? Some kind of fascist dictatorship?"

Prime replied, "Well. I suppose he could have had some bad experiences in the past... but perhaps he'll learn to trust the government more with time."

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