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A Jury of His Peers - Stories

Post-Session: 29

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 29.

Story - Kitchen Conundrum

Game Date: 7/2/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Prime quietly slips into the kitchen while the head chef, Vladimir Putsch, is busy with the night's entrée. Prime stealthily approaches and dips three fingers into a big simmering pot, then sucks on them quietly as he considers. Then, his eyes scan the spice rack. Ah, yes. It could use a bit of cinnamon. Oh, and oregano. Hmm... and some bacon bits! Prime carefully empties half the can of each into the soup - after all, more is always better. At least when it comes to cooking. He dips his fingers in again. Ah... yes... much better. He wonders briefly what type of soup it actually is, before shrugging, grabbing one of the bananas from the counter, and quietly leaving.

Maestro Putsch, having completed the elaborate preparation for his master dish, stuffed quail, submerges a dipper into the gently simmering pot of his secret sauce and lets it wash over the birds. But, as clumps of bacon bits stand out like monuments to disaster, the dipper slips from his suddenly numb fingers. Someone had ruined his artistic triumph! Angrily he scanned the kitchen for a target of his ire - just as assistant cook and head dishwasher, Rob Peppermill, carries an armful of groceries into the kitchen.

Putsch's hand trembles as he points a finger at Rob and demands, "What did you do to my sauce!"

Rob blinked in surprise. Well, as much surprise as he could muster considering similar accusations were hurled at him on a daily basis by the short-tempered chef. "What did I do now, Maestro?" he stoically rejoined.

Putsch angrily spit, "You ruined my sauce! The very idea of bacon bits in such a delicate poultry flavoring is unthinkable!"

Rob slowly shook his head in denial, "I've been in town buying groceries for tomorrow, Maestro. I just returned to the island a few minutes ago. Perhaps someone else may have snuck into the kitchen? Perhaps someone who has a particular liking for bacon?"

Maestro paused a moment, "Perhaps... I will have to investigate this matter more thoroughly. Perhaps set a trap for whoever dares to interfere with my kitchen..."

Rob cautioned, "I don't think you want to be setting any traps, Maestro? What if its one of the Wardens? They'd be entitled to do whatever they like in the base's kitchen. Its their base after all..."

Maestro sniffed, "It is their base, but it is my kitchen and I shall see to it that whoever is interfering with my cooking gets a nasty surprise!"

Record Last Changed Date: 8/22/2008

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