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A Jury of His Peers - Stories

Post-Session: 29

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 29.

Story - Groceries and Ice Cream

Game Date: 7/6/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Prime wheeled the grocery cart through the produce section before abruptly grinding to a halt in front of the apple section. He clambered up onto the edge of the counter and stared in amazement at the carefully packaged cardboard box of apples, rereading again and again the colorful label that announced them to be 'Grapples - the delicious new white grape-flavored apples.' Prime grinned as he piled two dozen into the cart. They would be just the thing to get back on the Knight's good side. After paying for his groceries, he wheeled the cart out to his small scooter and began arranging the series of ropes and bungee cords needed to keep the heaping bags affixed to the back of the tiny vehicle.

As he was carefully rearranging the support mechanisms, he was startled out of his contemplation by the jingle of an ice-cream cart. Glancing over his shoulder, Prime spotted a cart labeled 'GeoMagnetics Ice Cream Purveyors' being pushed by a young man in a finely pressed cream-white suit. As the ice-cream man approached, he called out in a rather monotone voice, "Care for a free sample, Prime? We are test-marketing a delicious new flavor. Banana Coconut Tropical Delight."

Prime frowned. Something didn't seem quite right here. But, free ice-cream was free ice-cream. "Um. Okay. I'll take a cone."

The ice-cream man slipped his right arm into a thick smooth glove and reached into his cart. He pulled out a waffle-cone filled with an oddly luminous green ice-cream and quickly extended it as far in Prime's direction as possible.

Prime grabbed the cone and stared at it for a moment. Then cautiously took a lick. Not bad. He clambered back onto his scooter and headed back to the base, managing to get most of the treat into his mouth despite whirling along at thirty miles per hour through noon-day traffic.

As Prime waited impatiently for security to pass him into the Warden's base, a familiar alarm went off.

Security Staff member Jack Murphy raised an eyebrow as he inquired, "Been experimenting with radioactive isotopes again, have we?"

Prime shook his head in denial, "Nooooo, just buying groceries..."

Jack pulled out a hand-held Geiger counter and ran it over the groceries with nary a peep. Then he began running it over Prime. As it got near the ice-cream stains on the front of Prime's lab coat, the counter went off like a rooster in a tanning bed. "Prime, what are those stains on your shirt? They're giving off more rads than...um... actually, I'm just going to go over and stand behind that lead shield while you remove your clothing and place them in the radiation hazard disposal unit.

Prime grumbled as he stripped down, "I can't believe I fell for the old radioactive ice-cream trick... that old chestnut was used in episodes 5, 29, 204, and 315 of the Stan the Super-Powered Pizza Delivery Boy comic book series. What's the use of reading comics if you don't learn from their sage advice? Well, if I see that ice-cream cart again, I'm going to give that fellow a piece of my mind. No doubt about it." As Prime stepped under the decontamination shower, shook his fur dry, and slipped on a new fresh lab coat, he asked, "Can I go now?"

Jack hesitantly emerged from behind the shielding and ran the counter over Prime again. "Looks like you're clean. I'd appreciate a full report of what happened when you get a chance, though."

Prime waved him off, "Sure, sure. When I find the time." With that he grabbed his groceries and headed off to the Knight's room, carefully positioning a basket made of woven twigs in front of his door, then filling it to overflowing with the newly purchased 'Grapples.' His mission complete, he scampered off to his own room. A quick nap, and he'd get right to work on that report. Well, a nap and a quick snack, and he did have half a season of Doctor Who episodes still to watch...

Record Last Changed Date: 8/22/2008

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