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Post-Session: 30

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 30.

Story - Delta-Vee After Action Report 1

Game Date: 7/16/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Delta-Vee

To: Knight of Saint Michael
CC: Amethyst
RE: After action report for events of July 14, 2006

Events from my perspective: Around 6pm, the time that the last launch from Alcatraz Island to the mainland is supposed to leave for the day, we received a notification from Park Security of a disturbance at the launch dock. As the rest of the team proceeded over land to the dock, I exited the base through the submarine docking facility and proceeded to the launch dock underwater.

After arriving, I asked one of the park rangers at the scene far a status on the situation. Unfortunately, I also startled the park ranger. Since the confrontation had not escalated to open violence, I scanned the area with radar to determine if anyone might be approaching via air taking advantage of the cloud cover and the distraction at the dock. I picked up a weather anomaly that I suspected of being Sturmgräfin.

I notified the other Warden's of my suspicions and proceeded to intercept the approaching anomaly. My intention was to attempt to enclose the anomaly in a vortex of my creation by circling it at a high speed. I encountered the anomaly just past the restroom buildings closest to the launch dock. I observed Krieger leave the anomaly and proceed around the water side of the restroom building, apparently not noticing me. I attempted to apprehend Krieger by lifting him as I passed by him. I missed him. I followed up by making a return pass attempting to grab his gun. While I succeeded in grabbing the firearm, I failed to wrest it from his grasp.

As I was circling around behind the restrooms to make another pass on Krieger, I was knocked out of the sky by an energy beam coming from along the back trail of the anomaly. I deduced that this was most likely a sniper dropped farther back. Knowing that I was the only Warden capable of closing with the sniper in a timely fashion, I proceeded for what appeared to be the most likely position for the sniper. En route, I consulted with Adam and determined the sniper was most likely Jäger. Apparently, the sniper determined that I was proving to be too difficult target and switched to firing on targets at the original point of confrontation. I used the opportunity to accelerate and close the distance.

When I arrived at the likely position, I was unable to spot the sniper. While I was searching for the sniper, I was struck again by the energy beam, dazing me severely and knocking me to the ground again. While I was attempting to recover from the hits that I took, I was rendered unconscious, presumably by the sniper.

When I regained consciousness later, a body, later identified as Jäger was on top of me. Jäger had a single gunshot wound in his head. I called for a forensic team and the coroner.

Personal evaluation of performance: As I spent most of the conflict out of sight of the other Wardens, I can not comment on their individual performance.

I would suggest that we look at upgrading the base's sensor capacity. We should have detected and been notified of the approaching anomaly sooner.

I should have approached the scene of initial disturbance in a different manner, probably an inward spiral approach scanning the area for potential threats.

I need to look at ways to improve my over all usefulness to the team. My defensive and offensive capabilities are proving to be generally insufficient to the threats that we have recently been facing. Suggestions from either Knight of Saint Michael or Amethyst in this area would be appreciated.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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