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In the Court of Public Opinion - Stories

Post-Session: 30

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 30.

Story - Meeting with Security

Game Date: 7/19/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Delta-Vee, Knight of Saint Michael

Randy swings by Security Chief Petrova's office, and puts an envelope on the desk. "Just thought you'd like to know that I seem to have a stalker." The letter has a Herndon, Virginia postmark, and contains pictures of Randy that were obviously taken in the hospital in Latvia. It also has a note reading: "always be aware that there are watchers that take an interest in talented individuals... some are friends, most are not... chose your friends wisely."

"Do you wish for the security staff to conduct an investigation?" queries Petrova with just a hint of a Russian accent.

Randy turns to leave, "I don't think that it is anything I can't handle personally, but I don't want the base to be compromised."

"Understood," replies Petrova.


The Knight looks up from a report to see Security Chief Petrova entering the lounge.

She walks over and hands an envelope to him then states, "It would seem that our resident high flier has a fan club."

The envelope contains pictures and a note that the Knight peruses while Petrova continues, "He says that he thinks he can handle it and just wanted to alert security to a possible threat to the headquarters."

The Knight thanks her, returns to his inspection of the envelope's contents and determines to track down this threat along with all the others...

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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