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In the Court of Public Opinion - Stories

Post-Session: 30

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 30.

Story - Meeting of Minds

Game Date: 7/20/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Judah Ambrose, Judah Ambrose, Judah Ambrose, Juuuddaaahhh Ambbbrrooossee, JUDAH AMBROSE!!!

He blinks as the world becomes more focused and his reality sharp again. Dusting away the cobwebs he surveys his surroundings, he is in the hospital, the ward where the injured come to seek salvation.

Why am I here??? The words only echo in his head but somehow seem more real than speech.

The image before him is a young man, barely 15, his breathing appears labored. The doctors have failed to notice the displaced rib puncturing his lung, blood is beginning to fill the organ's sacs instead of air. Judah takes his hand and begins channeling the healing energies that are his to command.

Steeling himself for the pain he is about to endure, yet again. The experience is the same but yet different every time. Each person perceives pain differently and Judah absorbs that perception in addition to the pain.

The rib knits and slides into place with an audible snap, the tear in the lung seals and the sound of air whooshing into the lung replaces the gurgling of blood. Judah feels the injury take hold of him, his rib snaps, his lung tears, blood seeps into the emptiness now available to it.

Opening the hand of the youth he takes the medallion which has become his signature and places it into the young one's hand.

Walking out into the controlled chaos that is the emergency room, he sees the exit and heads towards it. The ground begins to shake beneath him as the room moves side to side. Another earthquake, he thinks as he braces himself, only to realize after a brief instant that the hospital is not shaking, he is. He stumbles forward, coughing a bit as he gasps for air. Blood trickles out of his mouth and splatters on the floor. Oh this is bad, he thinks. Forcing himself onward he makes it to the exit, stumbling along on the verge of blacking out.

Outside the bright sun blots out his view of the surroundings. Judah collapses to a knee, blood continuing to trickle from his mouth, looking up he hails a cab. It seems an eternity before the cab arrives, Judah is only slightly aware that his coat is now showing the signs of the blood leaking from his mouth. People begin to point as they become aware of the blood strained man stumbling about in their midst. Sounds of murmuring, screams, cell phone keys clicking, excited voices chattering away.

The cabby looks at Judah, "You don't look too good pal. Maybe you need to turnaround and see a doctor."

Judah yells back, "Take mihi ut Custodiae custodie substructio, Iam." The confused driver blinks, Judah realizes something is wrong, then pleads with the cabby, "Please take me to the Warddeennzz base."

The world becomes surreal to Judah as he sees only blurry images and vague shapes, he feels himself begin lifted as if flying. Lights and shadows move about him then dance in Judah's mind. The lights fade and the blackness takes him. He floats in the dark, time loses its meaning, then he sees the tunnel and the nightmares begin again.

Light floods his vision, overpowering screams of torment echo in his ears, it is only after a minute he realized the screams are his own. He blinks away the confusion and looks around. Two people in scrubs are at his side looking at him, both with faces painted with fear, they start to back away slowly.

He looks down and sees his hand, the darkness of the 'Pain of the World' glowing ominously. "Sorry" he says.

A man dressed in scrubs and a lab coat walks up past the two retreating attendants. He looks at the man in the recovery couch and speaks, "How are you feeling Eon?"

Judah blinks, "Who is Eon?"

The paramedic looks at him strangely, "Judah are you ok?"

"Where am I, how did I get here? Who are you? Summon the Emperor now!!!"

The paramedic blinks in bewilderment, "I will get the Emperor right now..." He turns and goes over to the medical station and asks the nurse to call Dr. Miller and Dr. Saveda.


Sitting on the medical station, a television plays in the background with no one is watching it.

Tonight July 20th, 2006 on Action News' 11:00 report...

Mayor Gavin Neusome son's miraculous recovery after doctors miss a broken rib that had punctured his lung.

Images of a reporter at the hospital earlier in the day show Judah in his doctor's guise in the background. His face is blurry but the telltale lighting bolt streak in his red hair is all too obvious.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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