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In the Court of Public Opinion - Stories

Post-Session: 30

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 30.

Story - The Good of the Many...

Game Date: 7/29/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

The twilight sun paints the horizon in a sea of pastels, in the distance the call of hungry seagulls can be heard. Staring blankly at the scene and trying to remember all the sunsets he had witnessed, Judah laughs slightly at the absurdity of it all. Taking a sip of his coffee and returning to his book, he figures this will occupy his troubled mind for a brief period. Twilight melds into darkness and the night eventually is victorious as it always was. Judah looks up at the sky to see the moon in its glory, shaken from his trance by a female voice, "I am sorry sir but we are closing up." "Oh it is I who should apologize, by all means." Judah rises and pays the tab. "Have a pleasant evening miss and thank you for your service."

Judah strolls into the night air cooling from the breeze off the bay. He knows not where, simply pointing his feet and going. As he glides along in the dark he realizes he is on a rather busy section of road as the traffic has become gradually noisier than the silence he was seeking. His memory wafts back to a time long ago, in a young but growing city, it felt like New York. The murmurs of townspeople speaking of a new invention by which horse would be replaced, moments later his eyes beheld the first automobile he had seen. He recalls the wonder of human imagination and determination pondering where it would lead them to. As his reflections in time took place, the deafening sound of a horn and screeching tires breaks him from his recollections. He sees an event unfold in slow motion, a semi truck crossing over lanes, a school bus swerving to avoid being hit, cars all slamming on their brakes as the large semi jackknifes across all four lanes hitting the school bus and sending it into the median. Judah watches in horror as the school bus rolls three times before coming to a upright stop. The semi sits nearby torn in two by the force of the collision.

Instinctively Judah looks at the scene and sees the most precarious situation is the bus. He runs at his enhanced speeds to the bus dodging the wreckage strewn about the scene. Glancing at the various pieces of the vehicle for injured, Judah arrives at the shell of what remains of the school bus.

He attempts to open the door and finds it jammed shut. Looking about he quickly scans the area, finding nothing that would help, Judah curses his luck. Then turning back to the door, he grabs and prays in his mind for help, with great effort he rips the door from its frame.

Judah boards the bus and surveys the scene, it is far worse than he had thought. It was not empty as it should have been at that time of night, it was full of people. The passengers appear to be members of a high school band being transported somewhere. Instruments and their cases have become deadly projectiles in the horrific crash. Quickly moving to the back of the bus he kicks open the emergency exit door with ease. He summons his strength and steels his will to do what must be done, 'the good of the many...'

The next few minutes are a blur, as Judah moves swiftly from teen to teen, examining their injuries, removing foreign objects turned into weapons, then using his abilities he heals and stabilizes the wounded. Once healed he carries them to the back of the bus handing them off to bystanders now crowding the scene. Twenty-eight victims he assists, all the time absorbing their wounds as his own. After the first ten or twelve, numbers have begun to lose their meaning, he struggles with the encroaching darkness, growling at his weakness he pushes harder, harder than ever before. The last ones are the most severely injured. A young girl lays impaled by some type of brass instrument, it protrudes from her abdomen just below her ribcage with the pulsing blood surging from the wound testament to the severing of an artery. Judah slumps a moment after healing her taking on so much at once then gathers his resolve and carries the girl to the front door. Hands meet his to take the girl but she clings to him as she opens her eyes and looks at him for a moment before letting go. A stranger takes her gently and lifts her off the bus, turning around Judah looks and sees the last victim.

The driver has massive injuries to his chest from the steering wheel, a compound fracture of his right leg and an eight inch gash that has almost removed his scalp from his skull. Judah gathers his life energies and places his hands on the driver, the transfer is the zenith of pain like he has not experienced before. The sounds of bones realigning and wounds sealing, the signs of a healing process accelerated to 1000 times normal fill Judah's perception.

The driver inhales loudly as his chest wall is restored, looking up he sees a being standing over him with a shock of long red hair broken by a bright yellow lightning stripe running down the middle. Judah grabs the man and pushes him with all his remaining strength towards the door. Where an onlooker helps the driver up and away from the wreckage.

Turning about Judah surveys the now empty bus then turns to face the door, the darkness presses in and every second of consciousness is a gift. Seeing his goal he tries to take the first step, the world becomes a flashing rainbow of pains, sounds and gravity. Inside he laughs, ah, a broken leg right. On the outside bystanders see the strange man with massive injuries and wounds covering his body trying to exit the bus. His right leg appeared to be healing, quicker than normal but not quick enough. The weight on the leg snaps it in three places with bone showing from the mangled leg.

The ground is Judah's destination but he never knows that he has arrived as finally the sweetness of darkness takes him and embraces his being.

Outside an onlooker sees the man collapse as his descent down the bus steps snaps an already injured leg. His wounds are numerous, broken bones and extensive bleeding tell a tale.

A woman points out the injured man to the paramedics when they arrive on the scene.

They load him into an ambulance and take him to the closest hospital. The doctors work furiously to stabilize the man. They get his major wounds tended to and the bleeding under control. The patient has lost a significant amount of blood but is stable. He is moved to the intensive care unit for monitoring and treatment.

With no identification, he is listed on the medical charts as "John Doe."

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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