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Post-Session: 31

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 31.

Story - Games for Tommy

Game Date: 8/6/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Prime follows through on his promise to Tommy and delivers a full set of the Space Prime RPG books and miniatures to the boy in the hospital. Then when Tommy asks if he will run a game for him and some of the other kids in the children's ward, Prime can't refuse. He gets permission from Lien Thi, Tommy's grandmother as well as Janelle and Aaron, Tommy's parents. Then working with nurse on the ward and hospital administrators, Prime gets permission from some of the other children's parents and the game is set.


The next day, Prime settles down on the floor in the children's ward of the hospital where a half-dozen of the young patients, including Tommy, have their beds or wheelchairs arranged in a semi-circle. "Hi kids. Your parents have all given permission to participate in a session of my new role-playing game, 'Space Prime - Secrets of the Galaxy'. You've all rolled up your paranormal superheroes, so we're ready to get started. Now, let me caution you first that while each of the alien races you encounter in the game do actually exist in alternate realities, they do not necessarily exist in this one and that even if they do, our world has thousands of paranormals and a special military force to protect you from them."

Prime flips open the rulebook to the introduction and begins, "For countless millennia, the immortal Guardians of Order have fought a losing battle to protect and assist young developing sentient races in our galaxy. For many thousands of years, one such Guardian has watched over the Earth from his cloaked space station, using its advanced machinery to encourage the development of the paranormal powers and technology humanity would need to defend itself. But the Guardians' war against hostile aliens bent on conquest and extermination has not gone well and replacement parts for the station failed to arrive. In time, even the Guardian's make-shift repairs proved ineffective and the station plunged to earth, crashing deep within the Amazon Basin. Though direly wounded, the Guardian's regenerative ability was able to adapt him to Earth's environment and heal his injuries. But, the process wiped away most of his memories, leaving him lost and confused. The Guardian attempted to learn the communication protocols of the native species with a simple thought duplication probe, but such technique proved to no longer be fully compatible with his adapted form. As a result, the Guardian's memories and personality blurred together with those duplicated from the human subject."

One of the children pipes up, "Um. Isn't that kind of like what that reporter said on that interview in the sci-fi cable access channel happened to you. This is all just imaginary right?"

Prime smiles calmly as he replies, "Yep. All just imaginary. Just a game." Prime then flips to the next page of the rulebook, "But in time, the Guardian fell under the benevolent protection of the United States government and the military's research branch, whose helpful scientists were able to assist him in restoring some of his memories just in the nick of time. For just prior to the station's fall from orbit, its jury-rigged sensors had detected the approach of an unidentified alien vessel. Even now, a scout ship may be appraising the Earth's ripeness for conquest!"

Soon, any remaining worries of the children are lost in the rolling of dice, calling of initiative, and the thrill of the hunt for the alien scouts.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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