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Post-Session: 31

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 31.

Story - Stairway to Hell

Game Date: 8/8/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Eternity... Infinity... Forever. These words are the only lengths of time Judah could use to describe his experiences, seeing events, some more horrific than others, but each distinctly carrying a personal message to him. It is strange that he did not recognize some of them. This is more than a nightmare to Judah, he is reliving the events, each one completely real.

"So this is hell, I suppose... I guess I deserve it after the arrogance I displayed. To think I thought I was here to save mankind, what heroic hubris."

As the torment wears on something unusual occurs, Judah sees the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Noticing this Judah does the logical thing and begins crawling towards the light, "Anything is better than being tormented." Reaching the threshold he looks across searching for anything to give all of this meaning, reaching... reaching... reaching further until, he is encompassed in the whiteness.

The light blinds him forcing his eyes shut, the deafening roar of noise making him squint all his senses closed.

Silence. He hears nothing. He slowly opens his eyes, blinking he expects to see the tormenting images once again. After a minute he gathers in his surroundings. Well lit room, television, bed, beeping noises that are slightly irritating. "Well finally, time to get back to the Wardens." He walks out of the room, down the hall to the elevator. When he reaches the ground floor the door to the outside does not open. "Odd, it must be broken."

Nurse Martin was on duty filling out her status reports, the alarms broke her concentration. "Code Blue, Code Blue, room 307 ICU STAT." Instinctively grabbing the crash cart, she moves with speed not usually found in women of her age. There would be time for paperwork later, right now a life needed saving.

Judah walks into the street. Looking up and down the avenue, he taps his communicator "Wardens come in, this is Eon, Wardens?" No response, hmmm... maybe they are out of range. Looking around it is only then he truly sees his surroundings. Buildings in ruin, cars aflame, the city in a state of total disrepair.

On the front of the hospital, he sees an odd sign not the clean sterile hospital sign he was accustom to but something darker, almost sinister but it is too far away and he is not able to make out the image and words. He walks over to the sign and pulls back the torn part to find the image and words to be the worst fate he could conceive.

The red and black insignia of the Grand Empire with the designator "Prison Medical Facility" chills him to the core.

He turns to see the building he had exited is now a smoking partial ruin.

"This can't be real... NO... THIS CAN'T BE REAL... AM I IN HELL??? PLEASE ANSWER ME!!!"

Judah runs back into the damaged hospital. Finding the elevators now useless rubble filled shafts, he runs up the stairs. Reaching the roof, he scans the horizon, everywhere the images and sounds are all the same. Buildings burning, screams echoing in the sky, people running through the streets, grabbing loot, fleeing or hiding from unseen pursuers. Civilization is no more, he turns and walks back to the stairs. He slowly walks down stopping at each floor, he finds nothing, his only companions are the dead.

Faintly in the distance he hears a beep, he stops and listens. Again, he hears another beep. He races down the halls until he reaches the third floor ICU. The floor is the same ruined condition as the others, except he sees a light coming from one of the rooms. He walks slowly forward checking left and right for hidden attackers.

He enters the room quietly as if someone might hear him. The room is in pristine condition, the personnel and equipment appear to be in great condition as well.

The nurses, doctors and other medical personnel work furiously on the patient... the beeping tone changes to a distinct flat tone... the doctor calls for defibrillator... set to 300... clear... an electric shock courses through the patient whose muscles jerk involuntary from the pulse of energy surging through them... no response... the paramedic returns to chest massage... the nurse reconnects the ventilator bag to the tube sticking out of the patient's mouth, then gives it a squeeze... the doctor calls for epinephrine... she feels for a gap between the ribs and jabs the long needle directly into the patient's heart, then presses the plunger on the giant syringe...

Judging from experience it appears that the patient has suffered full cardiac arrest as indicated by the defibrillator and the epi injection. Edging around for a better view, Judah begins to consider the curiosity of the situation.

Why are this room and its occupants okay, when all else is in ruins?

He moves from the doorway into the room and gets a clear view of the patient, his mind cannot accept the image before his eyes.

It was him... bruised... broken... dying... strung up like a damaged puppet awaiting repair... Metal braces, plastic probes, linen bandages, nylon stitches, everywhere... this could not possibly be him...

What had happened?

Looking around the room in disbelief at the scene unfolding before him something out of place catches his eye.

A bottle, why is there a bottle in my room?

He walks to the bottle and glances at the label, Calvados. "He was here," Judah tells himself, "Sir Guillaume was here, then that means that this is not real, it means then I can't be dead. It means I have the chance to save the Wardens."

The frantic activity stops, Nurse Martin turns off the heart monitor and the room is quiet. The doctor looks at the clock then speaks, "Call it... time... 13:37..." A second nurse takes the sheet from the foot of the bed and pulls it up over the patient's head..."

Judah wheels around suddenly at the silence and lack of activity, to see a nurse pulling the bed sheet over his head.

"NO!!! I AM HERE!!!" yells Judah.

Thinking frantically he looks around trying to escape the nightmare.

"If I wake myself from a dream then I am no longer dreaming? Why not, it's not like I can be more dead."

With that he runs with all possible speed to the roof and barrels across it heading for the edge then out into the air beyond.

Gravity... it is the one thing that Judah considers as the Earth's hold grabs him and pulls him towards its embrace.

Judah looks at the rapidly approaching ground, fear creeps as he begins to doubt that this was such a good idea.

At the moment of impact his world goes dark again...

Looking up he sees a long tunnel... images of past pains begin to scroll by... strangely, he is relieved...

Nurse Martin returns to filling out her status reports... the patient, Eon, had been pronounced dead at 13:37... then the craziest thing she had ever seen had happened... he revived at 13:45... somehow... all on his own... his condition is now listed as critical... she wonders what to put in her report...

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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