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Post-Session: 31

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 31.

Story - Prime's Monthly Status Report 2

Game Date: 8/8/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Prime sat down at his computer and brought up the monthly status report. Hmmm. It hadn't been a particularly busy month...

Prime scrolled down to the ‘Activities/Incidents’ section and typed out:

1. Began training the Wardens' new sidekick, Tommy. Knight's holy vision appears correct. He will make a fine addition to the team once he gets out of the hospital. Use of games to indoctrinate superhero value system well underway. Provided Tommy with a toy training utility belt with full safety measures incorporated. It should help develop the skills for when he is ready for the full-powered version. Not sure if Tommy is to be trained in the mystic arts, provided with a supernatural relic or whether he already possesses paranormal powers. If not, I can put together a training suit of battle armor for him.

2. Arranged for production of charity T-shirts to raise money for Tommy's hospital bills and expenses. Set up trust for website so folks can donate to the Tommy charity.

3. Left a message with Tommy's parents asking if they'd like for one of our security guards to teach him some basic self-defense. Also offered use of our training room when he gets out of the hospital.

Prime reviewed the report. Yep. That was about it. With a tap of his tail, he sent it off to the rest of the Wardens.


Prime receives a follow up email from the Knight:


Before you do anything of this nature, we need to discuss this as a team, then discuss it with the parents and then proceed after we get their permission...


Prime sends an email back to the Knight:

"But, that was the whole reason that we visited him, right? Wasn't that what the whole interdimensional contact/vision you received while we were visiting Eon was about? You really should explain these things better to the rest of the team! I notice you failed to send us a monthly status report of your own. Hint, Hint. Perhaps everyone should be doing that?"

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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