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Post-Session: 31

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 31.

Story - Gifts for Tommy

Game Date: 8/9/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Prime double-checked the massive metallic sphere for cracks before inserting one paw into the armored plastic sleeve. Reaching inside the sphere, his little finger protruded through the end of the sleeve and lightly touched the graphic novel, releasing enough dimensional energy to transform it. Scans done, Prime cracked open the sphere and hurried the novel to the scanner. Once its images and text were copied onto a DVD, Prime secured it in a lead-lined box, along with dozens of its fellows.

Dr. Alfonso Spheris, safe within his transparent Hexium cube, noted over the intercom, "I'm afraid I don't understand the scientific value of collections of comics from alternate dimensions."

Prime sighed and replied, "Its not for science, Dr. Spheris. The most appropriate ones will be gifts for a small poverty stricken injured child named Tommy who's in the hospital. They're intended as a gift - he will be the only child in the whole world with these particular comics. Now, what comes next may involve a bit more science."

Spheris frowned as he asked, "And just what is next, Prime?"

Prime chuckled, "Toys, Dr. Spheris. Toys. They can't simply be scanned and printed out like books so I'll need to do a full sensor scan of each toy, then figure out how to 'reconstruct' them using mundane materials if they prove interesting. It should be quite a challenge."

Prime glanced over at the jumbled pile of electronics that constituted the raw 'material' for the next stage of transformations. Not all the artifacts would necessarily be considered toys, at least not the stun gun, flashlight, and cell phone. But the Gametoy, my-Pod, Tickle-Me Emu and Magic 8-ball were more toy-like and since Prime had no way of knowing what they would turn into, any of them might prove to be an appropriate gift.

Prime sets to work on his project and several hours later he had exhausted his supply of samples. Prime finished the sensor scan of the last of the transformed 'toys' and settled down at his desk with his trusty notepad.

Without looking up, he commented, "You know, Dr. Spheris. I believe the best course of action would be to combine the toys into a utility belt for young Thomas. Hmmm. Yes. That would make sense and I could incorporate a tracking beacon, life sign monitor and surveillance gear into the belt to keep an eye on him. Perhaps even fit in a miniature holographic display so I could communicate to him through an inch-high holo of myself to provide helpful advice or run a game of the Space Prime RPG for him when I'm off on a mission."

Dr. Alfonso Spheris interjected, "Many of those transformations didn't seem very appropriate for a young child, Prime. What if he hurts himself with them?"

Prime waves away the concerns with a flip of his paw, "Nonsense. I was already playing with chemistry sets and building devices out of discarded household appliances by his age. But, I understand your concern. After all, I'm not his legal guardian. I'll make sure I incorporate appropriate safeguards on all the potentially dangerous toys. Keep in mind, the poor lad was nearly killed by his classmates once already. Natural talent such as his tends not to survive long in such a harsh environment. I'll merely be giving him the tools and guidance he needs to survive and prosper. Not seek highly justified revenge against the simple-mind fools who have persecuted him for his natural abilities. Er... I mean not so he can get even with a few bullies."

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