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Post-Session: 32

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 32.

Story - Awakening with a New Face...

Game Date: 8/20/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Prime

Judah had died many times in his existence, this however was the strangest experience in dying he had ever went through. Sitting up in the bed, he looks around attempting to get his bearings. Sweat drips down his forehead into his eyes and as he raises his hands to his face he notices his skin color is different.

Doctor Miller stands off to the side monitoring the instruments. "Welcome back Eon, how do you feel? Are you ok? Do you know who I am?"

Judah stares at the doctor, recollecting for a moment, he recalls the last parts of his efforts at the bus crash.

"Doctor Miller, where am I? What happened? Wait, did I save them? DID I SAVE THEM ALL?!?!" cries out Judah.

Dr. Miller looks at Eon thinking about her reply, then speaks, "If you are speaking of the bus accident victims, yes, you saved them all. You almost killed yourself doing it and I mean REALLY killed yourself. The good news is they all survived. The bad news is that something else happened when you healed them but that is a conversation for another time."

Dr. Miller walks over to Eon and checks his pulse, temperature and heartbeat the old fashioned way. The long hours of waiting had taken a toll on her and she realizes that she wants to touch Eon. She needs to ensure that this is real and he really is awake.

"You were screaming when you woke up Eon, is everything ok?" queries the doctor.

"Besides the constant nightmares? Yeah, I am fine. Do you have a mirror please, Doctor?"

Dr. Miller hands him a small mirror and a slight gasp is heard from Judah as he sees himself in it. "Blue, huh? Just great, I look like one of those punk rockers."

As he is looking in the mirror, Eon hears the other Wardens enter his room in the infirmary. There is a short silence as they take in his new features.

"Anything happen while I was away?" quips Eon as he looks up from his bed at his teammates.

Prime bounds onto the bed, "Oh. Great. You're um. Back. Anyways... once you're feeling better there is this kid in the hospital. About 10. His classmates tried to kill him. He fell down a whole bunch of stairs and his limbs are all held together with screws. Once your healing mojo is refilled, you should stop by and give him the super-whammy. Not till you have a full tank of grief and pain, though. Huh. How'd you get your powers anyways. Oh. wait. I can guess. You were one of those lepers healed by Jesus, right? That'd explain everything..."

Eon takes a deep breathe, "Prime, I could not begin to explain how my powers work. I know on a basic level the concept and well the rest is faith. I take the pain that people suffer on a physical level then, using an empathic conduit, transmit it back at others. This is about as much as I can tell you."

Prime glances around curiously for a moment then continues, "Oh, I almost forgot. While you were in your near terminal coma, an alien ship landed by the ballpark! It has warped space around itself to be all invisible and intangible, but I can still sense it. The aliens apparently tried to kidnap that shape-shifting doppelganger of mine. Probably because he is one of the only available sources of cosmic energy. Maybe they need to use him like a big battery! Good thing I converted to diesel before they could get hold of me. No cosmic energy here. Just good old dimensional energies."

"What exactly were you trying to do, and why did you take that terrible risk?" questions the Knight.

"Terrible risk?" responds Judah looking at the Knight. "People's lives were in danger and isn't that what this hero thing is about? Self sacrifice? I did it, because frankly, I am not sure what else I am here to do and if I die in the cause of saving others, so be it. Five thousand years is a good run. I have not taxed my abilities to this extent ever but I have hidden too long in this world. My powers were given for a reason and until otherwise shown I have a responsibility to help mankind."

Prime then adds, "Oh, the Knight is getting communications from another dimension that he doesn't seem to be conscious off. Mostly while he meditates." Looking at the Knight, Prime continues, "Um, Knight, I did warn you that those cosmic crystals may contain fragments of an energy-based life form with mind-altering powers, right?" Then to no one in particular, "After I thought about it a while, I realized that when I was putting together that 'cosmic computer' I was probably just 'putting back together' the pieces of the alien from all the different crystals we had collected and then 'patching together' the gaps with computer circuitry. We were missing a pretty large portion of the crystals, so the resulting being was probably not too much like it would have been if we'd recovered all the crystals."

The Knight glares at Prime and his impetuousness.

Prime glances around and catching the Knight's expression announces, "Well, I'm off to get a snack. I'll stop by again later, Eon, to fill you in on the rest of what has been happening. If I can find the time. I have this cool idea for these magnetic grapples with contact adhesive that we can use to secure the alien ship once it uncloaks. I'll have to be at my most sneakiest to set them up without the aliens noticing, though." With that, he bounds out of the room.

Eon watches Prime leave then turns back to the Knight and Amethyst. "I have lived for longer than anyone else I know and have been carrying much with me throughout that time. The weight of that burden has been growing, the pain of others is felt by me on a very personal level every time I use my powers. That pain is not easy to bear and lately my mental defenses used to cope have been waning, I had been seeking some assistance, medical or mental, to restore my center. Alas in my search I believe I accelerated the issue. I encountered a young man in a mental hospital, he was comatose and catatonic. Upon checking his chart I saw only brain trauma causing the state. Seeing this being like this I felt an obligation to assist, the gentleman recovered from what I understand. The problem was he was under the treatment of an experimental drug that appears to have effected my powers, I saw more of this person's mind than anyone before. It caused... a breakdown. I am not sure if I am truly recovered but I can not dwell on my problems at the moment."

Eon takes a deep breathe then continues. "We have a more pressing issue than my problems. While I was under I saw a vision that seemed more real than just a dream. It showed a world in chaos and total anarchy, the only constant that was obvious. The Grand Empire controlled everything, what they did not control was in ruins. Somehow this is more than a nightmare, it felt like a warning. We have to deal with this soon or we may find ourselves overwhelmed."

Prime suddenly pops his head back inside the door. "Wait... what was that, Eon? Grand Empire? Conquering the world? See, Knight! I told you it was dangerous to let the Grand Empire keep control of the majority of the alien cosmic crystals and Professor Herbert! You really should have helped me track them down before it was too late. Since they apparently recovered the largest of the crystals, that probably contained the largest and most influential fragments of the energy-based alien life form. I wonder if it is using its mind-influencing abilities to secretly control the Grand Empire by now..."

The Knight of St. Michael leaned close to Eon and talked low so only Eon could hear. "Plenty has happened while you were away. We have some new problems now and if we don't deal with them in an orderly manner, we will be overwhelmed."

The Knight then stood and spoke aloud, "The first thing we need to do is set our own house in order. We need to close ranks and present a coordinated united front to the world. We have to stop the leaks. There are apparently analogs of us running around perpetrating evil deeds. I have my analog. Delta-Vee apparently has his. Prime may have his. I am preparing for the other shoe to drop with Lady Amethyst's and your analog. We need to find out who they are and how to stop them. We need to bring our own territory under control."

"I agree with Knight. We must make sure that everyone in the Wardens is on the same page. We must work together and become a unit instead of everyone doing their own research and not telling us about it until after the fact." states Amethyst.

Prime comes back in the rest of the way into Eon's room, "I agree with Amethyst. I suggest that we ALL begin preparing monthly reports of our activities and concerns and provide them to all the Wardens, including any former Wardens who are willing to receive copies and possibly provide advice or assistance. The secrecy of the Wardens, including myself, has already caused a number of problems."

The Knight interjects "The monthly reports are for the security of Alcatraz, for which I am chiefly responsible. They are to help me ensure that Alcatraz remains secure from all quarters and threats. You can send them in to me, as you have been doing, or tell me, or tell the entire group during the meeting. As long as we can keep the security integrity of Alcatraz intact, the intent will have been fulfilled."

Prime fires back, "Knight, have you always received communications from other dimensions or is this a new thing? Has any testing by a neutral third-party been done to make sure you aren't being influenced by them? If not, perhaps you should have Kensington provide you with some appropriate sensors, so that readings can be taken. It should be easy enough to tell if the neural patterns of your brain are being altered by these interdimensional influences."

"Prime, when I pray to God, it is between me and God. What God sends me, he sends me. There is nothing interdimensional about that. You will probably try to further investigate. You will probably be frustrated." replies the Knight.

Prime continues on, "We should all do a better job of immediately providing the military and local law enforcement with all relevant information we uncover in our activities. The Grand Empire is not a Warden problem. It is a threat that our entire government's resources are needed to counter. Speaking of which, we definitely need to work on establishing friendly government contacts and should let the appropriate folks know that we are willing to provide assistance."

"I will cultivate some military and police contacts to improve the process of information sharing." responds the Knight. "But everything that is given to the military and/or the police must be screened before they are given anything. This primarily means that anything given to them must be screened by every Warden. If we cannot prove something, we cannot give it to the authorities until we prove it. If the military is to receive it, we must ensure that they use it in a wise and moral manner. Believe me when I tell you," Sir William takes his most severe tone and look, "Not all in the government or the military are honest, trustworthy, or moral."

Prime frowns, "I disagree. The Wardens are not the elected representatives of the American people or those who have been entrusted with the grave responsibility of safeguarding the American public as a whole. It should always be the ultimate role of the government to make such decisions. Just because we have paranormal powers does not mean that we should take key decisions that may well determine the fate of our country out of the hands of the President or Congress. For that matter, we should serve and support the local police when it comes to local criminal matters, not dictate and conceal. We should be servants of the American people, not their masters. Frankly, Knight, I am gravely distressed by this change in your political philosophy. Have you truly become one of those paranormal supremacists that think normal humans are unfit to govern their own affairs?"

Eon had been sitting and watching the debate between Prime and the Knight, but Prime's comment beckons him to speak in defense of the Knight. "You know I am pretty sure William's goals and motives are pure Prime. He just does not want any advanced technology falling into the wrong hands or more accurately into hands who would do ill will with its usage. Believe it or not the government sometimes is the bad guy. Think about if for a second, what if Hitler had achieved the technology to create an atomic bomb. As I am sure you can imagine it would have altered history significantly. I am not saying our government is like that, what I am saying is William is choosing to err on the side of caution and prudence before doing something that can not be undone."

Prime shakes his head as he explains to Eon, "The problem as I see it, is that the Knight is receiving messages from another dimension that he honestly and truly believes are from God, messages which I can sense. While tracking the transmission source down and creating a portal to the dimension from which they arise would be extremely difficult, perhaps impossible, it would be much, much easier to fabricate and transmit false messages on the same dimensional frequency. In essence, anyone with access to sufficiently advance technology could send the Knight false visions which will appear to be messages directly from God. The good knight has just indicated that he places these 'holy instructions' on a higher level of authority than that of local law enforcement or the federal government. I am concerned that Knight might, due to a false message from the Grand Empire who we know has access to dimensional technology, harm an innocent or team member or deprive our government of important information."

Prime continues his diatribe, "Frankly, I find his actions in refusing to turn over the crystals to the federal government, an organization that has proven its ability to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of supervillains, quite troubling. Particularly since we know that the Grand Empire has crystals of their own due to our inspection of the crystal's crash site. The Knight is in essence depriving the military of the opportunity to develop effective countermeasures to whatever weaponry the Grand Empire could develop from them. I can only wonder if his highly illogical actions are due to one of these 'divine messages' and if the Grand Empire is manipulating him as we speak..."

Prime pauses for a moment then adds, "Why, the Knight even implied that we shouldn't have immediately notified the federal agency specifically tasked to deal with such matters as well as local law enforcement when we discovered a cloaked vessel parked near the ballpark. Such a reckless and senseless act of concealment would have needlessly endangered innocents. Of course, the owner of the vessel, by warping space around it to conceal it, has shown that he too has access of dimensional technology. Thus representing yet another party that may be manipulating the Knight through false visions."

Eon listens to Prime go on about the Knight and finally it dawns on him. "Prime, I know that you see all this and believe you see things clearly. There is one aspect of this that you have not accounted for, the messages from God are not something that the Grand Empire, the military or anyone else could hijack, duplicate or fabricate. We are dealing with faith here Prime, not science. This is the disconnection in your theory. I had a vision while in my coma that showed this world destroyed by the Grand Empire's ambitions. I do not know if God gave it to me or how I received the vision but I believe it all the same. It was very real to me Prime, just as the Knight's messages from God are real to him. Being of a primarily science oriented mindset I understand these concepts are hard for you to grasp but you have to have faith Prime. Stop trying to over analyze the situation and just try to see what can be done to help the team."

Eon continues his rebuttal, "As for our government, exactly how do you KNOW for sure the Grand Empire has not infiltrated the military and would capture whatever technology created from the crystals the moment we give them up? No Prime, the crystals are best kept here under lock and key to prevent ALL use of them. If the military wanted to observe and study the crystals here I am sure the Knight can arrange it, but we can not release them without absolute certainty they would be secure."

Eon then turns to the Knight, "Sir Knight I agree with you in theory about security, but as you said we have to work in the spirit of team and together. Speaking of team, I have to admit I am not sure where I am going to fit in on this team now. My powers are all but drained at this point and the only thing I seem to be able to contribute is well... experience."

"I would like to see if there is a way to accelerate the recovery my life force. Funny thing being immortal, I never really had to consider hurrying about anything. Prime, I would like you to focus that exceptional intelligence of yours on discovering a way to recharge my healing abilities."

Eon takes a small razor and cuts away a three inch length of hair then hands it to Prime.

"I am placing my trust in you Prime, people would kill everyone of us in this room to get their hands on what you have there. Time is a factor so please give this a high priority." requests Eon

Eon looks about, takes a deep breath, and then lays back into bed.

"I feel like I got hit by a bus. Dr. Miller said I managed to save all the people, that is good news indeed." Eon hangs his head for a moment, "I have lived in shame and regret too long. None of you can fathom what an eternity of guilt bears upon one. I still have trouble reconciling the pain in my soul. I will do what I can for the Wardens as always."

The Knight's tone and face softened when he said, "Eon, I do not fault your wish to help mankind. You just have to be more careful when you do it. But most importantly, you need to rest to full strength first. Then we plan for our tasks..."

"As the Knight suggests I need rest, and something to drink, please."

Sir William hands Eon the bottle of Calvados.

Eon takes the cork off the bottle, pouring the contents into a plastic cup. Swirling the liquid around a moment, taking in its scent, then downing the entire amount.

"God I needed that."

Dr. Miller takes the plastic cup from Eon, "Yes, rest, doctor's orders." Then she looks at the others, "You can visit with him again tomorrow," as she starts ushering them towards the door.

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