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Post-Session: 32

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 32.

Story - An Evening with a Friend

Game Date: 8/27/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

It had been a little over 48 hours since he had left the infirmary at the Warden's base.

During his last few days there, Susan had scanned Judah's new measurements and ordered him some new casual clothes from the Nick Gold ActionWear line. Susan had also arranged to have Eon's coats and hats altered to fit his new frame.

Since his release from the infirmary, Judah had secretly worked on his plan and now it was coming to fruition. Rob Peppermill had just finished setting the table and was returning to the kitchen to fetch a very lovely romantic dinner for two that had been prepared by the Wardens' chef.

Now his target approached, Judah staggered towards Dr. Miller as she was leaving the base for the day. Seeing her look in his direction, Judah spoke, "Dr. Miller I was wondering if you had a few minutes. I seem to have something which requires your attention."

Dr. Miller immediately focused her full attention on Eon. Sure, she was tired perhaps even exhausted but a patient had called for her help, so it was once again time for the doctor to be in. "Okay, Eon. What's wrong? Is it serious? Do we need to go to the infirmary?"

Judah feigned a sore back poorly and staggered a few more steps towards her for good measure.

"I am not sure Dr. Miller, I may need to sit down for a minute..." After he ensured that she was still moving towards him, Judah began staggering towards the dining area. Where the china and silver glittered, the candles flickered and a nice bottle of 1856 wine from the vineyards of France chilled. Extravagant, yes, but if the monthly stipend provided by the Wardens could not be used for some indulgences then what was the point of it all?

He blocked the doctor's view for a moment as the door opened behind him. He then pretended to lose his balance and stumbled backwards. She rushed to his side as he knew she would. When she reached him, he corrected his errant posture and holding the doctor, he spun her with a ballroom flourish.

"I think my back is better, you are truly amazing Dr. Miller. Now I believe we need to check my ability to eat and drink also."

Dr. Miller straightened herself up, looking at the setup. "Eon exactly what is this? I know for a fact you do not need to eat or drink to live..." Her words trailed off as the true meaning of the situation dawned on her. "Well you have certainly gone to a lot of trouble to set this experiment up Eon."



"'Judah Valorion Ambrose' that is my real name, well as much as I have a 'real' name. I use Eon as a codename to satisfy the FSS. Otherwise I usually go by Judah, so please call me Judah. I know, you are thinking 'what about Lazarus'? There are times when I want to avoid using my real name, it is then that I use Lazarus."

Dr. Miller smiled at the significance of the name she had heard the Wardens use for Judah then jokingly asked, "Any relation to the mythical namesake?"

"No comment." Judah quipped, laughing lightly.

"So Dr. Miller if you have the time, I would really appreciate your assistance with my experiment."

Judah walked over and pulled out the seat with proper Victorian etiquette. "Doctor, if you would please."

Judah gently took her coat and set it aside on a nearby table. Reaching into the chiller, he pulled the bottle of wine from its cold confines. Using the corkscrew he deftly removed the cork from the bottle. Pausing a moment he inhaled the sweet aroma then handed the cork to the doctor. "1856, was a good year, at least for wine. There was an exceptional crop of grapes that year if I recall correctly. I believe you will find this one a pleasant accompaniment to our meal."

With that Rob Peppermill stepped forward and began serving dinner. It started with a hand tossed Caesar salad with the dressing prepared by Rob right at the table. Next was an amazing French onion soup. The main course featured a forever aged Prime Rib and as a special surprise for dessert, the chef had prepared Brandied Apples Flambé using some of the Calvados the Knight had gifted Judah with during his stay in the hospital.

Casual conversation highlighted the meal the early part of the meal. Then a few minutes into the main course, Dr. Miller looked at Judah and told him in mocked seriousness, "If this dinner is going to continue you have to do something for me..."

"Okay, what?" Judah replied.

"Stop calling me, Doctor. My name is Rebecca and please not Becky, I hate it." She laughed at some of the awkward and not too pleasant memories of childhood.

"Okay, Rebecca it is then. So Rebecca, I would like to offer you a toast of gratitude. Thank you for bringing me back. I am not sure what my fate would have been had you not helped me." Judah raised his glass in the traditional gesture of respect and honor.

Rebecca stared at him for a moment, unsure how to phrase the news. "Judah, I have to be honest with you. I did not do anything and I have no explanation for your recovery. I can only surmise from your altered appearance that you finally 'died,' then your paranormal recovery abilities fully asserted themselves repairing your broken body."

Judah chewed a piece of Prime Rib as he analyzed this new information, "Well, whatever happened I appreciate the efforts you have made on my behalf. I know I have been a frequent visitor to your office since my arrival."

"Judah, I have to share something with you. I have re-examined the data on the energy readings that accompany your recovery abilities and I am worried about your condition. If you have not already guessed those energies are at a dangerously low level. That is why your recovery was delayed and you almost died. You can still heal people but if you do that kind of stunt again, it may kill you." Rebecca addressed him sternly, having slipped into her doctor tone without realizing it. "Judah, I care about you. You are a remarkable individual. I really would not like to see you die, for real I mean, you know what I mean..." She sputtered to a stop staring past him with a sad expression on her face.

Judah studied her for a moment as he considered her words and the look on her face. "Rebecca, I appreciate your concern, greatly. Believe me when I say I have no wish to die and speaking as someone who has been through the experience MANY times, I can say that with all sincerity. You must understand I did what I did because it was what I HAD to do. If I was not placed here to help others with my gifts then what use am I?"

Rebecca looked at Judah, her sad expression replaced by a forced smile. "Judah can I ask a personal question, please...?"

Judah replied with an almost imperceptible nod.

"How old are you? Really? Based on our previous conversations and after comparing notes with Dr. Saveda, I know you are very old... I mean... I guess... its just... how old are you?"

Judah sat back and drew in a long breath, "To answer your question, truthfully I am not sure... I am over 5000 years old but how far over, I do not know." Judah smiled then continued, "Why, do you have a bias against older men?"

Rebecca blinked then thinking on the double meaning of the words, she chuckled "Very funny, Judah. You are far beyond what most would call an older man, but I really do not find age a barrier. I have dealt with paranormals on a daily basis for most of my life, so biases are something I do not indulge in. Seriously though, if it is not too personal, what is like being 5000 years old? I mean the stories you could tell and the things you have seen, I bet it must be incredible being you."

Judah searched her eyes for sincerity and found the depths of the green pools mesmerizing. "Rebecca, I would love to share my stories with you but I am afraid it has grown very late and, while I may not require sleep, you do. Would you grant me the honor of escorting you home tonight?"

Rebecca looked at Judah for a moment and realized she hit a nerve. "Sure, I would not mind that at all Judah but you live here at the base and my condo is across the bay. It is not necessary. Really."

Judah walked over and helped Rebecca on with her coat. "Necessity was not part of my reasoning," he said as he took her hand and looked in her eyes, "I would enjoy seeing you home. I will call the Erne for us." Judah asked Susan to relay a request to the transportation section to ready the Erne for a trip to the mainland. "But before we go, I need to make a quick stop to grab my coat and hat."

They walked hand in hand to his quarters. Upon their arrival, he opened the door and led her inside. "I would like you to see this," he said as he motioned her over to the easel and pulled back the cover.

On the canvas, a portrait of a lady with emerald green eyes wearing a Victorian gown stared out at Rebecca. After a few moments taking in the image, she realized that it was her own image that stared back at her from the canvas. "Judah it's beautiful. I did not know you could paint. When? How?"

Judah just stared at her then extended his arm and slowly motioned to the paintings that adored the walls of the room. Each exhibited the style of one of history's great masters. They walked through the room with Judah smiling as Rebecca marveled at the paintings.

After a time, he noticed Rebecca yawning. "We should go, you need to get home. I am sorry for keeping you. I forget myself sometimes." With that he grabbed his trench coat and hat.

The trip home felt like an eternity to both of them. He told her stories of times past, the pleasant ones... He worked hard to avoid the more brutal ones. Inevitably, they arrived at the door of her condo.

She unlocked and opened the door before turning to face him. "Well this is the end of the line for me tonight, Judah. Thank you for a very lovely evening. I have not had dinner with a gentleman for very long time."

Judah paused for a second then spoke, "Rebecca, I appreciate everything you have done for me as a doctor and as a friend. You have shown me why being human is not a curse but a gift. I really do not wish to hurt you, I have a long and I do mean a long history and the people I care about usually end up getting..."

Judah was cut off abruptly as Rebecca, using strength that belied her small frame, pulled his face down to hers and looked him in the eyes before kissing him. She kissed him hard with a passion that surprised Judah then with her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment, she ducked into her condo and hurriedly closed the door behind her.

Judah smiled as he looked at the closed door before turning and walking back towards the Warden's base. Caring neither about time or the world around him. Being tall only made his high all the more real for at that moment he could have danced with the angels.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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