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Post-Session: 32

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 32.

Story - A Morning with the Mayor

Game Date: 8/28/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

After a couple of hours of walking, Judah is almost back to the pier. His mind is snatched back to the present by the nearby sound of screeching tires followed by a loud crash. He fights the urge to run and assist, "Not this time, Judah. You can't save them all."

"Sierra, Alpha, Mike." The code phrase activates his communicator and opens the Wardens' standard channel, "Adam, please alert SF Emergency Services to a possible car accident near my area, exact location unknown but within a few blocks north of my current position. Melinda, please get me a line to Mayor Neusome's office."

"The line is going to voicemail, would you like to leave a message?" responded the smooth voice of Melinda.

"No thanks. Do we have any other numbers for the Mayor?"

"When you were in the hospital, the Mayor's chief of staff gave us a direct line to contact him." replied Melinda.

"Okay, please connect me to the Mayor's chief of staff."

The connection goes silent for a moment then a sleepy voice answers.


"I am sorry to wake you. I was trying to reach the Mayor, please." chirps Judah.

"Sir, I do not know who you are or how you got this number but it is a private line reserved for government use. Please call the Mayor's office in the morning to make an appointment."

"Again I apologize for the late hour. Please tell the Mayor that Judah Ambrose wishes to speak with him."

A heavy sigh and a loud yawn are his response, followed by several seconds of silence. "Judah Ambrose, I am not familiar with anyone by that name."

Judah recollects for a second "Perhaps the name John Doe rings a bell?"

Eon hears the sounds of a phone being dropped in his earpiece, "Eon? EON? Is that you? You do not sound like what I expected, are you okay? Of course you are okay, you are talking to me. You want me to get the mayor, I will, I can, I mean I know he wants to talk to you."

Judah pauses a moment "In the morning will be fine, I did not catch your name?"

"Oh Richard, just call me Richard please."

"Okay Richard, please tell the mayor to meet me tomorrow at the coffee shop called the AC. I believe the morning would be preferable. We can have coffee and talk. Please try to be discreet as I really do not want the press buzzing about."

"Yes Eon, I will pass the message on to the Mayor. How are you? Are you fully recovered? Last time I saw you they had you in traction for everything... and I mean everything."

"I am better now, not sure that fully recovered is accurate but I am more than capable of having a cup of coffee. Tell him meet me there at 09:00 AM. Thank you, Richard."

Judah hears the click of the line going dead. Checking his watch he sees it is 3:15 AM, he has some time to kill. He walks about staring at the night sky, his mind wanders back to Prime's insane notions of invaders and what not. Time passes...

The darkness starts to fade and he finds that he has reached the shore of the bay. Watching as the sunrise illuminates the towers and then the whole of the Golden Gate is never dull for him. He feels the warmth of the sun reenergize his spirit and body. Gazing at the landscape for period he glances at his watch, 8:00AM it reads. "Time to get some coffee," he says aloud.

Judah reaches the coffee house after a brief cab ride. He goes to the waitress and asks for a table in the back with some privacy. After a period of time he sees a man entering the café looking about for something or someone. He motions the waitress over, "If a gentleman comes in looking for a man with long red hair with a lightning bolt, please direct him over here." She stares at him for a moment, "Please this is not a joke or attempt at humor. Thank you." The waitress walks off and heads to the front to speak to the hostess. After a couple of minutes another gentleman in a track suit comes in, Eon sees the hostess look at him for a moment then lead the man back to his table.

"Good morning, where is the Mayor. Richard assured me that he would be here."

The man stares at him for a moment with sincere confusion then asks "Who are you? Where is Eon?"

"Well that is going to take some explaining but it is me, Eon. Not quite what you probably remember me looking like from the crash scene video but trust me when I say I am Eon." With that Judah reaches out and hands the man a small medallion.

"You could have gotten this anywhere, this is not proof."

"Okay, the Mayor's son was admitted to the hospital with cracked ribs, but the doctors failed to detect a life threatening injury a punctured lung. He left the hospital with a few bruises and one of those in his hand. Sound familiar? Believe me mister, I am Eon. Now where is the Mayor?"

The man studies Judah for a moment then looks at the medallion, reaching up he taps an earpiece communicator hidden to Judah before now. "I believe it is him sir, how do you wish to proceed? Okay, yes sir." Then returning his attention to Judah says, "he is on his way."

A couple of minutes later another man walks into the coffee house wearing khakis, a Giants golf shirt, a Giants baseball cap and sunglasses obviously attempting to remain anonymous. He comes straight towards Judah's table, sits down across from him and motions the man in the track suit to leave.

"Good morning, I am sure you can understand the caution, you are Eon? You certainly don't look like him."

Judah nods for a moment "I know my appearance is different, much different, but it is me. You see when I reach levels that could technically be considered dead, my appearance is altered, sometimes greatly."

Judah runs a hand through is hair, "The hair, it is the give away, never anything ordinary. This time it is a little more out of the ordinary than usual. I apologize for any confusion, I thought it best if I explained in person. How is your son doing?"

"Kevin is doing great, except for some dreams and nightmares where he sees you, well the old you at least," replies the Mayor. "Physically though, he is doing fine, thanks to you."

Eon with a puzzled look on his face responds, "While I have no explanation for the dreams, nightmares or visions of the former me, I pledge that if there is anything I can do to assist with your son or the other children's recoveries it will be done."

Mayor Gavin Neusome seemed to relax a little after these words, "Eon, we have a lot of scared parents out there. Do you have any idea what happened?"

"Outside saving all those kids and nearly killing myself doing it, not really. I am theorizing that by using my abilities as much as I have lately, I began tapping my life force to heal their injuries and in the process created a deep empathic link between me and them. Much deeper that the one normally created when I heal someone. I would have to get Rebecca to run some more tests to confirm this but it is the only thing I can think of that would explain what is happening."


"Sorry Dr. Miller, she would most likely need access to some of the students to run scans for comparison with my scans. This would be the only way I can think of to get an answer for what is happening."

Gavin stands extending his hand, "Eon on behalf of myself and I believe a lot of other people I would like to tell you thank you, words can not express my gratitude. When this is resolved I am going to have a ceremony to give you the key to the city." Eon stands to shake the Mayor's hand and is taken off guard as Gavin embraces him in a hug coming to the middle of his torso.

"You are welcome, Mr. Mayor. Let's get these kids helped then we can she where to go from there. We can talk with the kids and their parents and arrange a visit to the base for the scans. The public can be told it's a field trip to the Warden's base for the accident survivors and their parents."

The men begin to walk to the front of the coffee house. "Oh Eon I almost forgot, this is my assistant Richard." He points to the man in the track suit.

"Nice to meet you Richard, sorry for waking you up, could not sleep," says Eon while shaking Richard's hand before turn to the mayor and saying, "Mr. Mayor, please contact me through Mr. Ruiz and let me know what we are to do next."

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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