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Post-Session: 32

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 32.

Story - Building Alien Traps

Game Date: 8/28/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

Prime nodded to Lieutenant Harvis as he entered the warehouse where the equipment was being staged while they awaited the final approval to go forward with the plan. "How are the negotiations going?" Prime asked the military man.

Harvis nodded and smiled, "The local police have been quite cooperative and the FSS is coming around. The 'construction fence' has been ordered and everything should be in place when it arrives. You shouldn't have any problems with the locals interfering with your equipment."

Prime nodded as he worked on cataloging a pile of parts.

Harvis' brow rose quizzically as he looked over Prime's equipment, "Those two piles look like a couple disassembled hi-tech catapults and those piles you are working on look like the pieces for three or four giant crossbows."

Prime nodded as he continued cataloging the stack of supplies to ensure that each piece ended up in the proper transport crate, "Exactly. Look, we don't know the full extent of the alien's technology. But, it's quite possible that when the ship uncloaks it will emit an electromagnetic pulse powerful enough to shut down even shielded surveillance equipment. Even if it doesn't, one of these ballistae, or 'giant crossbows' if you will, is going to be rigged to a range finder and set to fire off an EMP grenade through that doorway as soon as it opens. The ballistae and catapults don't rely on electronics. While they will be rigged for remote release if they receive a coded signal, their basic mechanical energy is held in check by a simple electromagnet. If the power to that magnet is interrupted, WHAM, the power of tension arms and steel cables is instantly released. The ballistae and catapults automatically all fire! Sort of a reverse dead-man switch, it's designed to be a foolproof system."

Harvis still looked concerned, "It just seems weird to think that medieval technology could do anything to an alien ship that can twist space."

Prime grinned as he continued, "The real key part is not the weapons but their payloads. One of the catapults will be filled with these small quarter-inch wide fluid-filled balloons. The fluid is incredibly sticky, contains radioactive particles and glows in the dark. It will be splattered all over the vessel, allowing us to track it anywhere on the planet. The other catapult will fire off a much larger balloon, filled with a nifty equally sticky substance that expands when exposed to oxygen, right at the entrance of the alien ship. It will, hopefully, make it impossible for the aliens to shut the door once they open it. The other two of the ballistae are going to be rigged with electromagnetic grapplers connected to super-strong well-anchored power cables rigged directly to the city's power grid that will, hopefully, be enough to keep the alien ship earthbound. In case their power supply is interrupted, the grappler heads will also be coated with a powerful pressure activated adhesive."

Harvis nodded slowly, "Well, that might work. But how are you going to set all that stuff up?"

Prime answered simply, "Very, very carefully."

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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