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Post-Session: 33

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 33.

Story - Revelations of Slander Most Vile

Game Date: 9/6/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Karex

Karex loved the Earthling's Sci-fi festivals. Aside from Halloween, it was the only opportunities he had to mingle with the humans in his natural form. And the BayCoMa Sci-Fi festival was one of his favorites.

He strolled through the aisles, letting his ridged tail swing easily behind him and only pausing occasionally to stretch out his wings as he perused the primitive artworks, these 'comics,' that he so enjoyed. Oh, and their science fiction role-playing games! They had such amusing ideas about the nature of space and other intelligent life. Though, they still seemed bound to the outdated notion that aliens would be for some reason hostile to them. The universe was huge and the number of alien races so small - why the humans and the completely pacifistic Hughonians were the only alien races that his race, the Yric, had encountered since they first discovered the secret of faster-than-light travel over two centuries ago!

Then a rumbling murmur passed through the crowd that a genuine alien was at the convention. Karex panicked for a moment, but no one seemed to have noticed him. He tracked down the source of the rumor to a small out-of-the-way booth where a small furry primate was hawking the 'Space Prime: Secrets of the Galaxy Role Playing Game.' Karex carefully read the banner, 'All aliens are based on actual alien races that have enslaved or exterminated humanity in nearby alternate dimensions,' before narrowing his eyes in anger. More anti-alien propaganda. As he listened to Prime's speech, he wondered what exactly was this alien artifact that the Warden's had turned over to the United States government. To the best of Karex's knowledge, he was the only alien currently on Earth and he certainly couldn't recall losing anything in the seven years he had been observing the planet.

Perhaps he should see just what this new RPG was saying about aliens, Karex decided as he handed his money to Prime and picked up a copy of the game. There, right on page 212, was an entry for the Yric race. By the seven stars of Polaris, this book claimed his race ATE sentient life forms and that their females implanted their young in living animals instead of in algae-filled ponds. That aberrant line of genetic mutants had been cured through genetic engineering long before his race had developed space travel! This was... slander! Vile, vile slander!

Karex stormed out of the convention, his day completed ruined. As he stomped around his cloaked scout ship, he stewed in his emotions. This could not be allowed to stand. When the humans were finally ready for formal contact, their whole race would be poisoned against the Yric due to this slander. He had to do something. Quickly. No time to wait for the supply ship to visit. He'd have to act on his own.

Karex abruptly twisted the control stick, bringing the scout ship down on top of the Law Offices of Jared and Morton. He stormed over to the building's rooftop exit and shoved the locked door open with a casual swing of his hand.

Miss Penny, the office's secretary paled as she saw the reptilian alien storm up to her, but calmed considerably as the humanoid announced, "I'd like to see Mr. Morton, please. I need to file a suit for slander against the Wardens."

Miss Penny hurriedly tapped the intercom, "A paranormal to see you, Mr. Morton. He wishes to file a slander suit against the Wardens."

As Karex entered the well-appointed office, Mr. Morton began to give his standard speech, "If you are a 'supervillain,' I'm afraid I can't help you, sir. Paranormal 'heroes' are give considerable laxity in their statements during and after apprehension and the fact they conceal their identity is not grounds for..."

Karex roared in denial and tossed the Space Prime RPG on the lawyer's desk then pointed at it with one taloned hand, "No. This. I want to sue them for this. They publish vile slanders about my species. Page 212."

Morton frowned as he flipped open the book, then stammering he replied, "But... this is about an alien race, not paranormals. The picture though is very similar. Are you saying you actually ARE one of these Yric?"

Karex bobbed his head, "Yes! They slander my race! Sue them to make them stop and pay for crime!"

Morton tapped his hand on the desk slowly as he thought, "Yes... that might be possible. But the issue of your, how should I say, legal status would be sure to come into play. Do you have a green card or any type of documentation of legal entry?"

Karex's shoulders slumped, "No... didn't think. Is there anything I can do?"

Morton considered a moment, "Actually, immigration issues are one of the specialties of my colleague, Mr. Jared. I bet he could grease a few gears to get you at least a temporary visa. Provided you could provide proof of your alien nature?"

Karex considered, "Maybe could let someone take a look at my spacecraft? It's parked on your roof."

Morton stared a moment, "An alien spacecraft is parked on my roof? At this very moment?"

Karex simply nodded.

Morton gulped, and then hesitantly asked, "Could I, you know, see what it looks like?"

Karex considered, "Well. Technically not supposed to give Earthlings access to Yric's superior technology. But, I suppose I could let you take a quick look around. It's not faster-than-light capable however. Need much larger ship for that. This just small atmospheric scout craft. But much more advance than anything humans build."

Morton considered, "Well, that might be enough to convince them anyways. I agree to take your case, Mr., I don't believe you told me your name?"


"Carrots? Well then, Mr. Carrots. Welcome to the fold."


Captain Hurg of the supply ship stared down over his desk at Karex. Finally, he said, "So, instead of waiting a week or two for my arrival, you decided, completely on your own, to announce our existence to the humans, file legal proceedings in one of their primitive social institutions against a group of their beloved paranormal protectors and give a number of their scientists guided tours of one of our scout craft?"

Karex gulped, "Er... well... but... you didn't see what they were writing about us!"

Hurg tapped one finger atop the Space Prime RPG. "Did you not read where the author clearly stated these were descriptions of aliens IN ANOTHER DIMENSION?"

Karex twitched nervously, "But... it was all about us!"

Hurg shook his head in disdain, "Didn't you see the potential benefits of this? At the least, it would get the humans used to our appearance and we could have always sent a trained social ops team to minimize the negative effects. Well, what is done is done. But, I'm afraid I'll have to take the scout craft back with me. The technology it possesses could be devastating if it fell into the wrong hands. Imagine one of those paranormal criminals of theirs putting together a few dozen cloaked nuclear missiles." Karex's brow quirked, "So, I'll be coming back with you then?"

Hurg shook his head again, "No. I'm afraid that you're going to have to remain on earth, stripped of any potentially dangerous technology so the humans don't get their hands on it, while the High Council on Homeworld decides your eventual fate."

Karex's jaw dropped, "But... but... the high council takes years to decide on even the most mundane matters!"

Hurg sighed, "You made your algae pool, Karex. Now you'll have to reside in it."


Karex sighed as he, shudder, flew on his own actual wings over to the law offices of Jared and Morton to check on the status of his case.

Morton frowned as he entered, "I'm afraid we've ran into a bit of a problem, Carrots. Seemed that that the Space Prime game was not an official Wardens' product, but was released independently by Prime, one of their members. A member, who inconveniently enough, has disappeared while trying to 'uncloak' a suspected alien vessel.

Karex blinked, "But... there should not be any other alien vessels capable of cloaking on this world."

Morton nodded, "That is exactly where the problem lies. It puts you in a rather bad light as you have just announced your presence to the world and gave a guided tour of your cloaked scout ship to several prominent scientists. Then there are the suspicious circumstances surrounding Prime's disappearance and a complete lack of other suspects."

Karex pondered the situation, "So, what can I do?"

Morton considered, "Well. I see two options. You can get off planet as soon as possible or I can try to cut a deal with the Wardens. You drop the lawsuit and agree to assist them in whatever way possible with the recovery of Prime and the capture of the real kidnapper. You might even have to agree to residence on their base so they can keep an eye on you.

Karex sighed, "Leaving Earth is no longer an option for me. Do what you think is best?"

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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