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Post-Session: 33

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 33.

Story - The Drop Off

Game Date: 9/7/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Karex

The cloaked scout ship slipped easily beneath the waters of San Francisco Bay and headed downward towards the murky ocean floor. As it reached its destination, the gray-scaled Yrician pilot, Portar, turned towards his sole golden-scaled passenger, "This far enough from the city's shoreline for you, Karex?"

Karex rustled his wings nervously as he looked over the sensor readings. "Yes. I suppose it will do. Um. Any chance of getting some help unloading the cargo?"

Portar just snorted, "You're the one that was fool enough to get yourself stuck on this mud bowl. Don't expect any help from me. Besides, you know I have to keep an eye on the sensors to make sure you're not sneaking out any of our technology in those waterproof crates of native artifacts."

After Karex tramped back to the cargo bay, the azure force wall popped into place and the main cargo bay began to open. As the door opened, the force wall bulged slightly, maintaining a field strength just powerful enough to hold back the water of the ocean without impeding the steady cascade of sealed plastic crates being tossed by Karex out onto the ocean floor. When the last of his paintings and few 'approved' personal possessions were unloaded, Karex sighed and hopped through the field himself.

Lying on the sandy ocean floor, he looked up as the scout ship's cargo bay closed. Karex took in large gulps of the salty water, letting it fill his water bladder. He felt the familiar tightness as the water was compressed down by his powerful muscles, a process that eased the extraction of usable oxygen. The scout ship shimmered into transparency as it rose quickly away, leaving the young alien alone to face a barbaric planet. Only then did Karex abruptly realize, "Damn. I really should have stockpiled gold ahead of time in case this happened. How the hell am I going to get any earth currency now?" He patted his air-sealed pockets and noted the dismayingly thin wad of bills left over from his last spending spree. He wondered if he had enough funds to spare to rent a storage unit for the crates until he found a permanent residence. At least he had the foresight to prepay a substantial retainer to his lawyers...

On the plus side, Captain Hurg probably hadn't informed the humans of his abrupt change of status. With luck, he should still be able to swing the diplomatic credentials which should provide better treatment and living quarters from the Earthlings. Otherwise, he'd have to arrange some other method of attaining living quarters.

Karex shuddered as he thought of the prospect of actually having to do physical labor to support himself. The Yric had moved beyond such primitive necessities centuries ago. Could he even survive without Yrician technology to supply all his wants and needs? The prospect was daunting. Wait a minute. What about those paranormal 'heroes' the humans had? They didn't seem to actually do much. Just show up at a crime scene every few weeks. Bash a few villains unconscious. Then, no doubt, go back to their luxurious palaces to be waited on toe-to-claw by devoted servants. That seemed like a fairly easy way to make a living. True, some danger was involved, but from his analysis of local human weaponry, there was relatively little on this planet capable of doing actual physical harm to him. Besides didn't that group of paranormals in San Francisco, the Wardens, have a healer on staff, anyways?

Karex abruptly grinned. Best of all, satellite records of earth's paranormal battles were among his race's favorite viewing back on Homeworld. How would the High Council react if he became a darling of the Yric masses, like the gladiators of the Earth's Roman Empire?

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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